Stoned with mis-information

We, the people of this beautiful, multicultural, multi-ethnic world,

we the citizens of boarders we set for ourselves,

with fear, with prejudice, with doubts, so serious to even trust our own-selves.

We the subjects of governments that we set for ourselves and gave up all our natural freedoms to.

We the victims of rules we set forth to guide our paths.

We the people who have forgotten why we elected governments, or any forms of governance,

from the onset of what we have been made to define as civilization.

But is is it true? or is it turning out to be a misrepresentation of truth?

This we need to ask, but we never!

Because we are stoned, stoned high to care.

Stoned high with misinformation.


So as i smoke my Che´, which my being stoned affords !

And ask all of us to take a minute and think, just a minute-this will not hurt

Will it?

Why government? why did we choose such a model in the first place?

Not that i want it gone, but knowing its origins is essential,

So that you can know what to question, what to accept, what to criticize and what to protest!

So that we can all stop living with this madness that fills all free thinkers across the world,

The madness that society sucks, and there is nothing enough that we can do to change it,

The helpless kind of madness, that I, you, he or she, they,  always share in solitude,

Without having a lot of like minds to share it with, all a lone in this solitude we all know well!

And we hate it, we hate it because we can see right to the eye of it and call it bollocks!

But the world which insanely believes it’s sane has refused to listen to this minority concerns,

They have turned a deaf ear and branded us names, laughable names,

the shock of it all,the shock we all encounter as we try to make sense of what is now the norm,

is when the fool laughs at your intellect thinking bible true that he is indeed logical and you are the fool.

I call them the fools because more than me, they are so much full of this foolish misinformation we all get stoned with!

Not that i dislike them, no, i want to buzz in and make them at least listen to reason before disapproving it,

Before displaying how fully stoned with misinformation you are!


This is why i shout-you can never ignore it in my loud shout!

I am a fool, but a full plate fool, no extra, and my shout is for you, you, you the extra fool!

The extra that has forgotten that government was formed by us and not the other way round,

that their job was to resolve problems that affect us as communities and leave us to solve our own,

with dignity, with privacy, as free people, free as we were born to life!

In our own equal measures, those of life, association, love, adventure, happiness, all those that occur naturally.

And now they have failed, all of them, mention one where the people agree otherwise and i blow my nose in shame!

How can a contractor who fails to do a job you agreed upon ask for more on his own terms?

Any fool would say no, just no without a doubt, without a second thought! No!

I would also say no as one of the fools, even-though-this i feel,

My SQ is not so high- SQ? Stupidity Quotient!

That’s what we most likely share as the common people!

As we continue to stone ourselves so high with misinformation.


A person, who was probably less stupid, once said that information is power,

He omitted to tell us to also question which information?

And so the hunger for any information became a culture where we have all thrived,

We schooled, we read books, we watched films-all of them good things, otherwise how would we communicate?

But some more intelligent fools distorted the source of this information,

We, oblivious of the fact, continued searching, finding and quenching our hunger for information,

we became so addicted to it that even the distortion was information,

As a child i was told a story about the British man who discovered Mt. Kenya-and this was information?

So i was an early misinformation stoner like most of you.


My dream to have a society, so civilized, so free, so liberated yet so happy and real,

this imaginary society that many can only think as such-imaginary, could exist.

My culture was close to such before colonization and yet we were uncivilized.

I know we had our faults, all cultures had, but what is change if we go down the wrong paths,

Aren’t we supposed to get better and not worse?

This is why i say no! i will not stand by and be pedestrian as my liberties are at stake!

i am sick and fed up with being stoned day in day out with misinformation!


As a stoner, i wanted to opt out like everybody whose tail is between their legs scared,

i wanted to come up with a good lie so that you would believe i have other so important errands to attend to,

and that’s why i could not make it to the protest for truth, for whats right,for what we asked for as a people,for our liberties

…trust me i have searched for reasons not demonstrate and appear reasonable,

i have looked around for any-other important appointment to be out of this and such deals,

but around all corners of my stupidity and intellect combined, i have found none!

So i am in, i will walk the protest in person!

Its my liberties at risk, why should anyone-else represent me in my protest?

I am drunk and disorderly with passion, with love, with composure,with need for truth and happiness-the right kind of happiness!

And no longer stoned with misinformation! Once a fool, forever never.

That’s my stand, what’s yours?

I am human, taught to be afraid, so freaking scared afraid, but this i know,

that, at the end no matter how hard they slum the doors, there is a way.

A better way for all of us to enjoy the gifts of this precious world!



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