Intergration, the paradox

You might want to see it your way, you have a right.

You might want to impose your might-you have the means,

but give me a minute, just a minute, i ask of nothing more,

so is it a deal? surely nothing more, nothing less?



i proceed, and i ask,

Does it mean giving up all of my way of life?

all of my culture?

bending all of the values i have,

and adopting to new ones, your new ones?

just living like you-but i am not you,

and no questions asked

especially by me and those who come after me

( when i am gone, when you and e are gone!)


Or, does it imply taking everything i have aside-like a subject of colonialism

in all aspects of deed and thought?

like learning a new language and its accent-both new to me?

Language? yes i will learn, i love language but i would rather keep my accent.

A new behavior? was mine that bad?

Was it that inappropriate to survive in this modern world?

surely, was it so primitive in the eyes of the common?

(The common being you, your world and the way your media portrays it)

Or maybe the environment doesn’t approve of it,

its a contaminant and nobody likes contamination!


The best practice is, or so i thought,

bring the best in me and i will take the good in you,

but your list cancels all my good, wipes them away,

its like there were never there. all white washed!

Were they so dump to encompass them in your way,

i mean there were dump ones-i admit, but not all.

I see dump ones in your list too buddy!

I see garbage too!

Whats all this fake smile? was it forced?

Pal i don’t smile if i don’t mean too, unlike you,

at-least cut me a slack and let me hold on that!

Thats me being genuine even if you never see that side of me!


So back to my one minute, the last thing i want is to die-grace,

You say learn new things, learn i will,

but did you imply forget and lose all the old ones?

I am lost somewhere, the point where learning meant forgetting old stuff.

Wait a minute, does it entail me admitting if not believing that;

my way was so bad to be fixed, nothing to park in my bag as a new way is born?

willingly or not? By the way is that not you imposing dictatorial terms?

I thought thats how dictatorship works? well i might be wrong.


So i take it from where my tray stands, you need nothing from me,

because there is no use for it, its all rotten,

but do you know what you missed by thinking so?

well i do! And yes not everything was so great,

but there were awesome things, so magical for me to forget!

This you will never know because you don’t want to,

and you never know what you missed, so you will not miss it.

But don’t ask me not to miss it, because i know it

because what your arrogance and ignorance cost you, is all on you

you, you, you and only you, so don’t ask me to forget it.


You could be the pipe owner, the payer and the caller of the tune,

but its my dance, on my stage and i will call the moves,

Your steps can only put that fake smile on any face-including yours,

fake is not as contagious, but my moves? They are, they damn are!

So own the tune but let my emancipated dance flow,

as free as it can, for free has away of attracting happiness,

and my bargain is just about that-happiness!

Sweet as it comes, sour as you seek to reduce it

but just that, happiness, and i love it, everyone loves it!

you too love it, even in your arrogance, you actually need it!



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