Important clients

In this place, all the people of the world,

young and old, big and small,

Kings, queens, presidents, emperors and subjects alike

they humble here,

even priests and their congregation!

wow! this place, this one little place?

a great might of an office it is!


But question remains,

that among this persons of interest,

who visit this one place every day,

i mean people from all walks of life,

and who is important to the toilet than all?

is it the social status that matter to Mr. bring shit out?

i mean those who make him with fancy shiny golden material?

Is it the bush where the subjects there adopt to the environment and Mr. shit on me is a shanty?

Or does he prefer to be fancy,

like all of western countries agree he should look like!

help me out here, its a request not a call.

(he is the one who calls and all must answer!)


So between different walks of life, the upper against the lower,

even the middle class, the working class verses the unemployed,

the senior citizens verses the young, the energetic, the soul bread winners,

and all of these, who is more important?

who is the most important client to this very important service provider,

we are all born as subscribers,

his services are next to the breath of life,

we can not do without!

but we don’t talk about it,

even if its the one place where we feel so free, so relieved,

a place where we are stripped off our status in society and we are just us!

naked as we came to the world,

open and damn its one of the good free things in life,

but cities charge use for every use-never mind we must afford,

some services one can not afford to not afford!

but the question looms, who is more important of a client?

damn at home they say its me!

i say stay one day without going i make your record public!




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