A dictator is born

We are mid wives (we-the world!),and this is how we choose for him to be born, no, this is how we choose to cut his umbilical cord,not close even, but sure as hell this is how he cuts his teeth, and so we begin(by the way, i said him because in his dictatorship that’s all the world will see, the he factor, even if its a she, because the animal that is brutal is always seen to be muscling for muscle reflects to this one thing more than attraction-dictatorship than love!).

So when ”mid-wifing”, start us off nicely-bad things will follow our fate in future, right? Make it sweet like Benjamin Schmidt-my former boss who still owes me some dough,i don’t think he is paying-so consider it lost, or like Benjamin Franklin when he printed the Dollar of death-i mean he  could explain why many work for the few and earn a fraction of what the few have supposedly made-how?-i mean he was at least a soft dictator right? he sugar coated his mission( note better, i have an issue with Benjamins and money so please if your name is so i would rather not do business with you-nothing personal though because all is damn business right? You milk my cow-but its business! so i am cool, right?the only Benjamin i like is the 1980s comedy by the same name)

So lets get him a name, no, John Locke would disagree and locate this dictator of ours somewhere in Africa-you know Africa? not the continent that has 54 countries, no! not that one, but the country where Ebola, malaria and H.I.V relentlessly kill people-that Afrika, you know it? come on you must be watching mainstream media and this is a known country-picture this i am using country with a lot of confidence, the fools confidence that surpasses all expertise!Well that africa! i wasn’t born there though, but i am indeed African and proudly so, but i am made to look like i am from the other one where pity fills the minds of those who see this struggling boy with a slim hope of a future, a planned future and his luck Leeds him for he lacks a plan-my story is for another day, so lets nature this dictator but first we learn from our past as he cuts his teeth.No, we name him and nurture him, he may just be as blood thirst as his previous like minds, and we don’t want to be around when this time comes, nobody does!

So on the list of things we are to give up, lets top it with walking our daughters down the isle, every man including me wishes this day would come, or accompanying your son to be introduced to this one family where he behaves better than you without your orders just because a wonderful smiley feeling fills his lungs and now he knows he must impress and behave and this makes you so impressed and proud, you say he is the man in your heart as you couch him on how to behave as one, lol! give up that for the dictator is on the way! Even if you are immune to good advice my friend-like most of your world-mates, give that beautiful feeling up, that’s good advice-actually the best it can get!

Second on the list, be ready to listen to him being praised instead of news-this i know first hand, growing up in up hill banana i heard the news start with how great the then dictator was each and everyday to the point of believing that that’s indeed how news started world over! So when its drought and its rains somehow, his excellency made it happen, when the harvest is good, he made it possible, when your daughter gets married its because he paid the dowry right, when your son gets a job-its because he hooked you guyz up with this Chinese who magically create jobs world over-your dictator is your small god of good-this never forget if you wish to live in peace!

I love peace and if i were you i would note down this as we nature this dictator of ours. By the way do you know who?

The one that says that blacks have a mind that is best not used, the one who made explicit racist material that viewer discretion is advice whenever watching, he wrote so racily naked stuff that parental guidance is advised when reading it. Damn my mom is in her fifties and its an omen to read such nonsense with her so i get to endure such explicit stuff alone!( Still on John Locke yeah! he is the bible on matters africa, that country, and so i may trouble his spirit a bit!)

So this boy of ours, if he grows to see old age, i wonder, will he be remembered? or will the world just remember the drones he ordered or the trail of the statistics his casualties left? Will people cry with joy after him or will they dance and kiss and make babies this night for freedom will be the jubilant song? or will we as the world forget yet again and mid wife yet another one thereby giving up our only free gift, free will, like sleep, sex and pissing, it feels great to be free, jubilant week ahead pals!



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