That look

You might smile when you see it,

you might even laugh,

you might want to dance,

damn! not just want!

you might dance,

not just might-you will dance!

of this i assure you when you see that look buddy!


You feel as if it explores the lightest corners of your heart,

the soft parts, you know such feeling?

you feel so bright, you feel so perfect and imperfect

all this in equal measure!

you feel like you, you in you, you in your inner you!

that look she gives, that perfect clear blue sky look!

that momentous magical look?

fills me with questions, question one question two, question question!

so many questions!

And all i want is to share some solutions, some answers?

to tell all about my past adventures

to tell of all my secrets the very sacred secrets

the good, the bad, the dangerous ones

the ones i would rather keep locked under key and lock

the ones you never let out of the bag

yes those ones!


That look that only she gives?

It gives me the desire to express myself,

express about me with trust,

with frankness and all openness

with clarity and hope

with truth and nothing but the truth

so honest like a little child

so naked honest but with promise

to disclose all,

to pour heart out, and out and even more out,

oooh! poor me-it crumbles me

and brings either the best in me, or the weak me

the vulnerable me, and this makes me feel so good

so listened to,

so important, is the look!

that one look, that amazing look!


Its like a gaze but then its not a gaze,

its like a stare but then not a stare?

its a mystery!

and so mysteriously magical!

makes me full of question marks

and a fool that i can’t provide answers

feels like a swim but then i can’t swim

i don’t know how? Damn that i can’t!

makes me wanna  rest,

feels like the sun and sand beeches

with some ocean water echo,

and all i am doing is hanging in a hammock

feeling the breeze as life turns magical, magically beautiful!

That sunshine look,

that blue waters stare,

that promise full look,

how it always brightens my day,

for me and inner me,

for me, myself and i!

makes me feel like flying

flying halfway around the world,

just to see it!

To have a glimpse at it,

because its a look sweeter than honey!

cooler than ice cream,

brighter than a star storm

but more amazing than the look,

and perhaps the only more amazing than,

is she, and that she can only give it

so spectacular is knowing this but she

oblivious of this,

free she offers it and the world somehow stops spinning

as it unlocks a beauty never seen by mankind!

a promise that can last a life time, even in mars after earth!

may it forever shine, shine so bright,

bright like the the bubbles of light it sends in my sunshine heart!




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