All the sweet nothings

So Joe walks in looking straight in my face,

and all he says in this seriousness of a gaze?

But she likes it!

She likes it when i tell her sweet things-

all the sweet nothings!

She likes it when i joke, with unfounded compliments.

Her mood turns on  the lights at the mention of how sleepless in thought i was,

thinking of her and only her –

though, i thought about her for less than one hour,

as i soundly enjoyed my eight hour sleep

she is all fly about this sweet nothing bro!


Though i dream of her twice a week,

though i call her twice a day,

though i think of her 10% of my time

though i like her away from me at times.

She still enjoys the flatter that she is always in my mind,

that an hour without hearing her voice is like a decade in jail

that a night without dreaming about her is a hell of nightmare

the fantasies she like?

she is all about sweet nothings pal!


scratching his head, and now i know he is mad at her,

look buddy, just jana ( yesterday) i pulled her leg like this,

i explained to her how i wanted to go and see her,

if only my boss wasn’t that strict.

Of how i failed to meet her last week,

because it rained cats and dogs!

hehehe (laughs)


So i wonder, did she see the cats mewing as they fell from the sky?

Or the dogs barking as they rained?

(its a saying Joe- stop being so silly- i interject as he continues)

Okay join her pal in thinking that i failed to see her for the fear of barking dogs biting me

huh! can you imagine biting me from the sky?

(barking dogs seldom bite Joe! huh weed and its craziness, a tell myself silently as i watch the show)


I wonder if she ever thinks about those odds i present her,

if behind that beautiful face and that curly smile is a deep anger and range

or a cocktail of both.

i wonder if everything is just okay with her

or for her in those silly perfumes

or if something is awry here.

she can’t be this dumb and survive the world

she can’t be this ignorant

she can’t be this illogical

no! maybe i am mistaken!

who is fooling who here?

who is falling for all this sweet nothings?

( in my silence-i think its you Joe!)



In her ignorance i get kisses

in her dumbness i get smiles

and in her illogical conclusions- i feel loved

(seriously? i ask in my silence. Joe is going nutts)

And now i worry,

What if she was not this kissing? it the right kind of kisses for me!

What if  she was not this smiling? i would miss her smiles with real tears!

What if she was not this loving?

Would i survive under the sun?

would i release this beast of thirst that only she can quench?

Would i fulfill this dreams that only she i like to share with?

Would i stand this rag that lack of her love would create in me?

I wonder what if each and everyday!

i say thanks to sweet nothings, hats off!


That’s why i flirt,

i flatter

and i exaggerate  my passion for her

my love to her, only her!

In unmatched expression each and every moment possible

My life now stands still, as i quiver in this fears

the what if fears.

But all along in fears and smiles,

she flies and falls,

for all those sweet nothings

that i think they have to mean something, something at least for her.

And yes she does!

me too i do – i feel

but i cannot describe what,

all you should know is just one simple thing,

that i can not let it go!


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