in this day

In this day as i busk at home,
wanting to wave away all this hangover,
wanting so much to have a normal ordinary day
wishing to heaven that such a fantasy could be true
and all i see all over is just deem
deem and more deem
too bad i don’t have a dime
damn to hell that the dime is out there!

All the news around,
all the gossip around
about snake pastors
with no posture
killing my confidence on this day
but on this one day
and all i need is just a normal day
at-least another normal day
but this can not be
because i partied the whole weekend
because her call blew away the good times i never had
because i think of her all day long
because her smile so fills my mind
because i want to call her now
and tell of this love that so fills my heart
and tell her of how she turns lights on my life


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