A once upon a time love

A once upon a time love!!

Dear Selena, hear me out, with your soft heart if you can because,
As i woke up this morning, my face half soaked in tears,
yes tears,huh a man can also cry..
but not those tears of sadness, for sadness is long gone now.
for i cant be sad at you, or about us
but those of loss, those of luck or lack of it
those of missing you, those of missing the moments we shared,
as we busked in the hilly higlands, yes remember banana hills?
sitting on half tilled red cotton soil half planted with nappier grass,
Watching the sun as it set, as it sunk in the western mountains
as it gave the orange magnificent beauty and as it faded sinking like york?
Those times that we could not go out on a date, because we could not afford it?
But in the times, little did i know, yes then i had no clue
that those were the magical moments, so magical that i would forever go back to
that this was just but a once upon a time love. always to be felt as such.

Look behind you selina, and walk with me in thought
We never had money for a disco, but we danced, wild as we did
though the rain fell hard on us at times, but we learnt our moves, spontaneous as they were
We never had permission to see each other,but we found each other, risky as it was
Your father would have killed me,with his bare strong leutanant arms
if he saw me look at you not even gaze at you,
if he saw me blinking my eye at you not even conversing with you
he would hung me if i hugged you
i bet he would skin me if i kissed you
But my love we looked, we touched
we hugged, we blinked eyes at each other,
we undressed, even in the half muddy nappier grass gardens
we tightened our embraced as we got thrilled in romance
we made love, we made it so passionately
as we experimented wild methods, as natural as they were but naughty
as we hard as animals mated
as we honest as kids promised
as we stared, gazing at each others nudity
as we enjoyed the feeling of freedom that of no boarders and hindrances
as i looked down at you, as you lay natural as a sleeping child
on that bare red-cotton soil, we had rolled there without knowledge
and there and at that moment amid an expressive admiration
i whispered to you as heart beats drummed
as i told you that i loved you
and as you nodded with a dimpled smile
you told me that you knew it for you felt the same
ooh dear, this our once upon a time love!

In this daring evening which turned into a night as we lost time unaware
and as we made love in what would be our last evening
in this crazy mixture of care and lack of it
in the complicity of passion and wildness
little did i know, so little if i did,
that i was to reflect back on this night, back and so vividly to this moment
as i struggle to cope withe the idea of beauty, with the ideals of passion,
that of compassion, that of sharing, that of endless love
that which cannot be bought with gold, that which cannot be forged with treasure
that deep feeling which wounds my heart, as tears shower deep down my hearts core,
yes these feeling that i was loved, and completely so
though it brings regret at some times and sorrow at other times,
the wish to express it never escapes me
as i wish to let you know, that i still think about you
about you! you! you!about you selens, about only you
And that i miss you,oooh shit! i dont know why i miss you so much
but truly, i miss our love, and all of it
even if girl,it just happened to be, a once upon a time love.

Our affair can only be expressed in memories, in such letters that i write
this sinks my heart to the rocks, but come to think of it!!
there are better ways, even best ones to express it
because, dear Selena Pendo, I Nakusihi Mpenzi still burn in love for you
my heart still skips upon thoughts of you as my tummy bubbles with butterflies
even as i reflect in the fact that our affair,though great as it was, could never be
Because i got a distance transfer and flew away like a kite in the wind
because your father still roams the world,wildly hunting me,
because deflowering you, though magical for us, so forbidden was,
because fate did not smile back at our fortune when we knocked,
because you are now married,though i know not if you are happy,
because i don`t know if you still feel the same for me, for me and you, for us,
because of fear of the law,which we broke,and its effects on;
family ties, financial gaps and relations
because the distance between us forever widens
because we are older,wiser,less adventurous and more compliant to the system,
the so messed up system which discouraged our mutual love, our magical sharing
the feeling that we had found each other and then slipped away
the feeling that ours and one such as ours can only be
A once upon a time affair. i bid you farewell Pendo, my Pendo.
as i wipe my tears,still shuttered but loving the memories we made.
as the sun sunk down the mountains in the west letting inn darkness,so do i feel,
but maybe the next crack of dawn will give rise to an even more orange and even wider sun,
this i leave to Karma`s spontaneous eventsto decide
As spontaneously magical, as our once upon a time love was!


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