Rafiki’S cake

like all the candles lighten up the cake,
like all the friends brighten up the party
and just like them all around
the warmth they bring

and yes!
like all the smiles soften up the joy,
so is my wish for you today,
tomorrow and all the days,
all of them to fall and conquer,
all of your life under the sun,
as the moon watches
as the stars stare
as you star up
and stir up
my wish, my happy wish
to you rafiki
and to the cake you bake
and all the time i wish you make more
that bigger
that sweeter
that lovelier
and yes!
we smile together and ever
because such smiles leads to wanting such moments
i can’t have enough of such
jeez i wan’t the more

these many, and the more you bring to life,
to turn the lights on in my heart,
its a great thing that in a day like today, you joined us
and made us happy
so happy birthday again rafiki!
and again i will rejoice with you!


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