The perfect break up

With people i am always so careful when using words like perfect, because there is nothing perfect about human beings. The closest to perfect stuff about them is the fact that they all mourn, cry, laugh-even if some do it rarely, crave-even if most lie about it (only in boy talk do you hear which kinds off butties the boyz crave for, i wonder what girl talk reveals?)and cling to love that is by all means impossible-this only a few admit but come on! we all do it at some point in life-shy away not, its life and its real!

And so you find yourself in this quagmire. You can not narrate the genesis but this lost love has been the worst of the worst nightmares in your life. You curse the day he was born, right after cursing your birthday. You realize he came to life before you by two or three years and so you curse the difference! To hell with the eighties and the billy dances of the times! to hell with Mc Hammer why was he singing in such terrible times-his music has been sending you shivers of late, the nightmare of the idea that the eighties and love could never be spoken in a single sentence lingering!

To this point you realize that this is not making sense why be mad at the eighties? for giving you or him life? for bearing Mc Hammer whose music hits your heart like a hammer? or while you realize that the only reality is, that you allowed the snake in your garden by going for a love that could not be, a love that was surely not meant for you.And you just cannot admit it? you are so defensive about this like African politicians are about same sex rights-they are ready to swear to god that its not an African idea, while holding the bible, while still wearing clothes, and in fact still stuck in the deepest corrupt pits of filth as they chase money,-which confuses me because its also not African-the money, the bible they swear using and the hypocrisy- do this in old days you are doomed- i swear!  i also wonder whether right to life, right to dignity, right to express yourself, right to just be you and many other rights like to non issues on your part not being made a topic on somebodies nose, are these all also foreign?

So back to you, your chocolates, a towel wet with your tears and a heart full of regret. Back to this house where the history of the legendary romance turned sour is written all over, from the bathroom standing and on the bath tab different styles, to the sitting room all over- the carpet can bear witness as the sofa offers first class narrative of this once upon a time wrestle, the brutal twisting and puffing that was the norm not long ago, to the kitchen as the food cooked and sometimes burned but the act went on, to well-the bedroom -the mother of all action, the itinerary which groomed most of the official battle-occasions, the romantic battle-occasions . Yes! you did it, history has recorded it all over but its gone! chasing it is like chasing wind and yes you will never catch it! so my friend lets discuss the way to let it go.

Drop the shitty chocolate-you might get fat and this is not going to be attractive for the next round. Of course you are now single and fat is not the kind of gorgeous you need to attract attention! First you need a tool to break away from the past- trust me you don’t want his face destructing your good moments in future. It might get you dumped in sensitive situations-i know one who called james in such a moment and peter was not so impressed they had to part ways.

So depending on you there three tools i recommend, a chisel, a hammer, a riffle and the fourth-a bombshell!

First the chisel: I start with it because in such a situation its the best tool. I mean if i am mad at some wood i wood prefer skinning it slowly until i get satisfied that the peelings bring out my feelings. So this is for you who wants to turn tables and not have to eat chocolate with a wet towel the only dry thing is between the parts of life-make a peeling of that heart that broke yours and enjoy the results.-i am so afraid to be on such a receiving side.

The hammer for me is the best tool, i mean break it and move on-its so particular with busy people. You don’t need to ride on negativity every time just get a holiday somewhere in  in Malaysia and delete the feelings, come back a new focused person-i would strongly recommend this though i do it without the holiday-just kidding!

The riffle is the best tool for snipers, you realize its not working but just keep it on the low. Organize a treat it could be a dinner could be a drive a walk whatever turns him on -what he doesn’t know is that its a decoy, after making his mind stimulated to levels that love is a possibility drop the bullet on him and leave. if you never saw a man cry terminate the terms like this-you try this with me you are cursed in the snipers name! i dare you!

The bombshell is if your teared towel is so soaked, your chocolates have already made you plump and your wet between thighs sickens at the thought of the guy-by all means destroy his heart!try all the above methods but always make sure that he is in love with you, and that he is too deep into you and into under-sheets with you because if he isn’t, then all the planning, all the executing, and all the drill will have a reversed effect on you, your ass and your dry or wet pee. Make sure you don’t shoot yourself in the foot as you aim for someones heart.


good luck Maggie, i hope i have answered your question! Your big question marked question!



2 thoughts on “The perfect break up

  1. At times shit hapens and at times they dont .the hammer and the bombshell are the killer dose because when it hits you it hits you hard like a hammer hits a nail to the end and a bombshell…ohhh maaan this is for the best coz it never leaves anything settled.all it does is flattened all you ever thought you were or could be forever .it leaves an impact so big that no machinery for repair can access that special part callled the heart ..Pardon on the dinnner thing .life has taken a turn just like a summmer turned winter just like global warming has changed the world in short snipers oflate find themselves sniped gunmen gunnned .snipery mode is a little bit risk buh only left for the pros those with guts balls and titties to handle the outcome of at a point they can also be …whats the best…?i dont think in this 21 century we still got the tactics even ronaldo said football has lost its touch and beauty just because of money …mmmmh money n so has love…..all we do do is play a game that is not in the books..scheme a play that is out of fantasy and at last have a brain like that of an octopus …it can see and think all….

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  2. This is the reality of life bro, life would indeed be dull if such realities were not there they balance the good, the great and the bad to give us not just smiles but a reason to keep them when we get them because we don’t know how long we can cling on to them before they fly away like wind, a chasing after the wind is the game but the will to play it is in the balls!

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