a story is told, its not ok!

A story is told with an aim to demean me, its not ok

to make look less of a person- just by look, its not ok

to make me sound lost of intellect ,its not ok!

and i say again a bout the story, its not ok


Its not ok to treat me like i am black in the 1930’s

when there were no basic rights guaranteed for all around the world

when liberators were considered criminals of grave terrorist like crime

just for fighting for freedom,

yes back when books would talk about my poor brain-or luck of it,

and i wouldn’t know about it as the world laughed at it,

and me? well in my joyous moments

moments such like triggered by the arrival of a new baby

so speechless to express the joy, but sweet

thats why its not ok to just think i am ignorant!

all i am is not just what you hear

its not ok to not judge, but judge me from a point of knowladge

at least i will think you are not ignorant

the story? its not ok


Its not ok to treat my profession with doubt-before seeing what i am about

its not ok to murmur behind my back telling of how dubious i look,

ha! even if i do, tell the world how less of such i think of you?

well after watching them gossip like sissy girls?

tell me how honorable it would be if you stopped that

maaaan! that shit isn’t ok!

and the story you tell of me? maaan have some manners!

you don’t even believe it even

its not okay!


Its not okay that i have to tell on you, back home its a different ball

and yes my bad! its not okay but the world must know this!

because today i have had enough

today be the day that all your shit goes out the window

out to the open air to fly away from me

far where birds can’t reach

to eat away in pain

to block all the not okay things you brought the world

all the calamities you started

its not okay we have to do it now

at a time when mama nature is really against us

but its okay that someone will do it

that someone in me,

but the story once told of me and my perverted way,

that story which you believed without a second thought

love, that story is just not okay

we are all just human and human is perverted in various ways

but we are, i don’t eat frogs but people do-i find it primitive

i eat cow meat but some people don’t-they find me less religious

so Mahaba my love, just tell the okay story

the one you tell?

its just not ok!


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