Yes that joy!

like the stars shine over the universe

and the moon over the earth, over us!

so that we can dance the moon light drums,

as they echo in a lament of joy

-joy like the joy you lament!

yes! that joy!



Shining the light direct over the darkness

– its cover peeling off,

so that we can walk each other along streets with glittering smiles,

some of them thin and dark, yes the dark thin streets

-quite the best place for those kisses,

for that touching,

for that battle to touch the deepest sensitive parts

sensitive , even so precise on this priceless bodies


Yes! that joy!


The sun? as its smiles down upon summer!

And- yes just like that cool-under the cover of trees

and the fun it brings!

the thrill it shades

and the warmth in the moments greater than gold,

greater than platinum

yes like that and more!


so my love,

i wish for you, on this memorable day that you came to us

to the world

to me,

and with your cry- you sent joy to us

  i being one of the few able to say this.

a wonderful thing that i would cherish your cake!

happy birthday lovely bird!

just seize the day,

squeeze the juice out of it

and splash the wine in a dine of friendship

a bowl of honor to serve

and yes! like that joyous heart

i am glad you were born

– otherwise my moon would never shine!


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