Monkeys at work…

In this line of work, where re-locating people is the cream of the pie, and you, you have to be in so many places, where they come from to where they move to and this way you could be one night in Dresden, the next in Frankfurt and a day or two later a friend calls you and you are on your way to München – they think you don’t want to meet, you do, but you surely can’t and genuinely so. The busy world we inherited and as busy we shall keep!But this is not the story today.

In Berlin, a city i am so used to that i begged English dictionary to allow me to use a small ‘b’, you know like you do when addressing a friend in a friendly way? The city where you find comfort just like home, its artistic, its multicultural and artistically incomplete all this and others makes it so easy for one to find or create or occupy space here, i love space and maybe that’s why i love it here!

But, this international illusion of an ideal world, where equality and freedom flows in these Cristal clear waters and ends up in the global disillusioned sea where other rivers contaminate it , must have been clouding my judgement of how indifferent some parts of this city are. And this is why going to Weißen see for me was an ordinary thing-its in berlin, near Mauer park..Weeeeeh! just a day ago,i woke up from the clout of the cloud!

Six men at work, one Polish, Five black. A major cause of attention in this lost world! First it was this looks, right left and center, the looks that tell you you are either in a strange world or you are strange? wait a minute, its the same, if the world around you is strange, the the world must also thing you are strange to be there? O.k forgive my mistake and just think of a strange look around you, not the good strange, but the ugly strange where the world wants you gone, just disappear. no! just go to wherever you want, just anywhere else but not here-that kind of strange!

This look made me think of all the things that the ancient world thought i was even without caring to question or interrogate me,truth or the sayers of this things, was bible truth for them?(it doesn’t allow much interrogation does it?)-but then-old then, it was acceptable because they held all the cards then but not now. I hold not enough cards but at least i will speak about this one card that i can crack at will and nobody can do anything about it..

I will speak my mind because i got this feeling that, the people there must have been reading tales by legendary racists like John Locke about monkeys on pajamas, the shock of seeing monkeys at work must have been intense, no! it was immense!….by the way while reading this the emphasis is on pajamas and immense you read it that way the point will swallow itself!!

So at first, the client refused to sign the delivery note on the grounds that she had no confidence with the workers, i mean how could she be sure with five blacks and a polish delivering the service? she posed this to the only German ”boss” who infuriated by this would not comment! He was mad because she was damn so ignorant to think that she was safe and sound to make racist comments in German thinking this monkeys speak only one language like the boss. The paradox of it all is why didn’t she even think for a second about how we supposedly communicate with the boss whilst he speak just one language, i mean simple common sense would have it that this monkeys also speak German! Wouldn’t that alone warrant her to add the word modest before monkeys..i mean modest monkeys at least?

So the boss decides we do the job, clean as ever and after twenty minutes, after observing how organized and disciplined this monkeys were,  she decides to talk nicely, she doesn’t have to scream take care not to scratch my walls because the monkeys are so careful about even touching them, they are well coordinated and this machines are damn fast- she offers water and after realizing they have their own packed water, they need nothing from her she asks where from? Kenya-monkey A answers..aaaaah i was in Kenya in the 80’s ( who cares? we are at work in 2015 and you don’t have to care as well!) That now she wants to talk is an irony i dared not understand!cool! we go on!

So now she calls the guy who is supposed to be the boss, sign the documents and says-i give this guys a three star! they are so organized and i now truly appreciate their work-don’t forget that we are just half way done, her confidence is now grounded, she speaks English to us now-ha! now you think this monkeys are Di-lingua?

Kenyans are nice people i liked it in the 80s-who cares? okay i don’t care because i have no memories about the 80s plus then kenya was a dictatorship so i careless more about this topic until, they are not like Nigerians flew out the window! Whaaat? so now the monkey kingdom is becoming classified, baboons and chimpanzees ? which one are you? i mean me? you me? okay i work, i am the one that works, likes to work smart but is forced to work hard, hard is good! but smart is way better, its what runs the damn world-well misused smart!

Before i forget, did i talk about this guy who said that the way the truck was parked was so off the hook and he could not navigate around it with his slightly bigger than a smart car? You have ten minutes to remove the truck out of my way or else i will call the cops- The cops is normally the African antidote in Germany! waaah! they should be pissing in their boxers as the ten minutes deadline approaches or so he must have thought! I wonder why God gave some people five brains and others just two-like this the world can never coexist! i say this with utmost honor, though i will never step foot in Weissen see in the near future, at least i will never plan to go there especially after dark!

Because of that moving up and down currying cartons, somebody needs these special cream that somehow treats skin chafing, You don’t want to imagine how hard it was for an African man, eplaining genital problems to a female german pharmacist! AAAh but take it easy no work or sports for two days, dry towels and this cream in hand, and awesome week ahead!!




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