Life as has been denied us!

To all the chats we had

to all the shots we took-me breaking out you?

you always killed it

you laughed at me the next day

with all the stories of how i behaved

or misbehaved-but we were buddies even then

forever buddies

And so Charlie my brother from another mother

i beg to honor you with your last wishes


And so i quote you to the end,

i will change the names of places and rivers

to hold your friendship close to my heart

and so i change and use mine!

this way i feel you are at home

and we will meet again

though not soon- i hope not soon but meet.


” Mejja-as you called,

in the end, i have less than three months

i would bet on two or lesser

and so i want to go home

home back to mama and papa

back to my village where everyone knows me

and likes me, and dances my tune

and sings and laughs at jokes and mockery

yes bro! there!


i want to be there!

so that i can drink water from river kanyiriri

and eat fish- fresh from the source,

and the Fufu drived down with mrendaa!

there, yes there is where i want to be


To watch the skies, blue as they always are

and count the stars at night

and hear the cock crow at the crack of dawn

as papa milks his zebu

and mama prepares fermented porridge

and i? i will soon go out with cousins to watch papa’s cattle

as they graze in the wilderness of grass


huuuuh! that way i will feel home

and this cancer will not matter

neither will all the pains it brings

neither will all the desperate things i went through

to meet you, in that European dream that was

that never was and that denied me all these fun i talk of

and the reality that i eave my child

my daughter and only

in the wrap of a future i wished to be part of

but can’t be,

in my sorrow i count on Gods favor

and i hope to see a better after life-f there is

and hope there is,

there should be.




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