One series, all the crazy things!!

First you get a call at around 1600, its about a job offer, you jump on, jesss! you have to go to Munic. Pack in 2hours and be ready you will spend two days there, wow! the pay? cool they are paying well, even for the sleep over and the long drive! great!

You pack like hell, you even forget somethings but pack! you meet in Hermanplatz but the boss calls! shit1 they found a guy who is already on the ground, in Munic.Why send you there? they ask themselves and the answer is obvious! go home wait for the next call! on the way back you think about the ”lost money”, the ”lost adventure” and what you have to do next? shit join an old friend who just happens to call right on time before you get home.

So dragging your packed bag, you drive to Leopold platz where you spend three quarters of the evening chatting and drinking, you don’t have to buy-you friends missed you so much and they have chums like nothing else! Bingo-this is still adventure. A wonderful drinking night it was but at around 0500, somebody gives you a call, you need to work that day-you do-its friday and you feel good about the bonus of cash you make.

After work, Jimmy gives you a call, do you want a drink? Ja! and from one to two to so many, you are now wasted. go home? no? yes? not now but yes-later! Maaan you might be a drunkard soon! this trend of calls and drinks is too much, and its summer this may continue! Munic would have saved you-fuck! You can save yourself though! But not tonight! You get home later-God knows how and when, but sure you get there on the first hours of Saturday!

You want to sleep, you roll only to hear your phone vibrate. Where is it?? wow its a paradox! why are you in the couch? okay before you answer any you find your phone sitting comfortably on the floor-without its back cover-the phone is not the only naked thing though, you share the spoils, though you have your boxers on but no shirt! But its Berlin and people get naked half the time in summer plus your boxers are big enough, or so you think?

The call has ended so you must call back. Aaaaaah its the guy who offered you the Munic job! shit you need to call back. No credit his line is O2 you have a Lyca. Maan! but he calls you back in no time. he needs you to be at a spot in the next one hour, a job in town and its going to be the whole day! You haven’t eaten anything so you buy china on your way to the spot! hang over still looming and you don’t want anything alcoholic-even the smell! You get on spot but sleep is killing you softly! Ahhhh! i should have slept earlier!

The job is tough, a guy is moving from fourth floor, its only you and five others who have to carry all his stuff! Man! you feel weak! so weak! you want to quit! but you are not a quitter-you can’t start today! You start work at 10:00, maan is this guy the mayor? he owns alot! The big truck is half way full and his stuff are still not quarterly done! Damn change of tact, you need to do a chain(every guy to move stuff from one floor and pass it over to the next-you get the ground floor so to the truck and back), the boxes are so many! plus whoever packed them did not consider they would be carried by people! this guy reads a lot he must be a lecturer or doctor-he has so many books! Maaan fill a carton with books and kill the courier! Damn you are the courier today!

The chain will kill you and you know it! But not before the stomach, which has been upset ever since you got up. You need to throw up but where? You have to throw up-the feeling may stop when you do, and you do. You throw up even the last saliva that you swallowed as you walked to the place! Maaaan! you need to catch your breath and you curse every bottle of beer you ever swallowed. You swear to god you will never touch beer if he lets you survive the ordeal. You need water. meanwhile the boss calls for a pause in your honor offers anyone who likes some snacks-you can’t touch those, if anything goes down your thought-it has to be water, just water!

Your part of the chain has blocked the stair way and the guys offer to help you load all the stuff to the truck, they pity you and you hate pity-it makes you feel like a mama’s boy, which you are! But guys cannot say that because they are not allowed to!

After the pause you work your ass to death, the truck is full but the things are still many. Its around 1500, you make the trip to the house of the client. Traffic, aaah Bercelona is playing today! shit the funs are colorful but to hell with the traffic jam they cause. You support the team but you despise the jam. your friends are calling you asking where you will be to watch the game, with this traffic and the stuff still left home, you are not sure your job will let you see the game. Actually after making the trip and finishing unloading at about 1900, you are sure you will not see the final! shit but what can you do?

On your way back you take more water, after sweating salt, the bad feeling has somehow subsided. The boss assures you and your coworkers of some tip and drinks-but the only drink you need is either water or energy drink. You have not eaten and the job you are doing requires lots of energy! You soldier on anyway and finish it at around 2330–the game is already over, the clients neighbor tells you the results, you smile-half a smile for the game, half a smile for the fact that the job is over!

You get paid well and liked and tipped and given promises of calls about the next job and you like it. All you need is a warm shower and your bed, you need sleep pretty bad! Jeff calls you for some drinks, you reject and head home so fast, though the train is taking ages to get there! Finally, you get there take a shower, more water and the coveted sleep! soon, like a baby you are ready to welcome a deserving Sunday-shit! its already Sunday!


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