silence, silence, silence, everywhere silence


when the truth hurts, silence…

when reality stares, be silent.

death stares in your eyes. silence

shhh silence!!


he said be silent or be dropped


i am indeed mad at all this silence

i am of the talking type

i need no silence anymore but shhhhhh, silence!!

i am shut!


when the country runs crazy? shhhhh silence

take anything thats not yours, thats mine but i am to be

shhhhh silent!


but why?

why why why???

my my my! its mine! but silence!!

i am to be shut in loss

shhhhhh, silence!


a rotten system, but the dont want you to say it


they dont care how it hurts to be in your place


shhhhh silence


how can i be safe?

if i miss the crooked criminals

if i get luck not to be blown up by the terrorist

if the car driven by a drunk doesn’t hit me

and the crazy racist with a knife fails to bleed life out of me

the police- who should protect me-finish the job for him

but i must be silent…shhhh silent!

because they said so


and I? well, who cares about I?


i talk, talk talk but who cares?

who damn listens?

but i talk, silent no more!

i soldier on!

no more shhh silence

no more shut me up

i talk!


i talk about the life you take in your misplaced pride

in your stupidity you affect us all, as many as we are

yet you don’t care

i talk!

no more shhhhh silence!


all i wanted was a wedding ring

but now i face a coffin

how can i not talk?

silent no more

i have a matanga in a week i was to enjoy harusi

i can’t be silent anymore!

i talk

i will tell on you.


the world will today know how complient you are in crime

they will hear about those things you keep under the wraps

covering your filthy dirt with your palms

i talk

silent no more



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