An excerpt from this book i am reading

It is one of amazing books i have read of late. Maybe if i worked for the new york times or Time magazine or anything with a big name, somebody would quote my words and put it somewhere on the back cover. But this is me commenting on a great read indeed, and today, i will share some part of these great read with you so that my name can stand next to yours somewhere in the stars of not appearing on book covers, doing so  in absentia, but the stars!

So hold it together and lets take a ride in what is a dream walk in the paths of one Jake kimani at avenue Over seas but not over you!!

“…trying to catch my breath, my hands holding the sitting dish as my eyes remained glued at the filthy semi-solid soup that sat gazing back at me as if to scare the hell out of my mind. It had red spots all over. Maybe blood or the tomato sauce, no! it can’t be blood-the thought of blood scared me even more. It shouldn’t be blood! On the other hand it could be! The idea of this being a possibility is more scary than actually knowing. Being sure would help me seek a solution. But i was not going to be sure this night, because vivid memories of her smile escorted me everywhere that night. I flushed the toilet, banging the door behind me. To hell with what was my dinner hours ago!

The ulcers could not wait for the smile, sparked by thoughts of her, to fade away! They just had away of inviting themselves in this ninja-like stance with all the pain, unimaginable to the rest of the world, following them in a uncharacteristic systematic flow. A punishment without recourse! That i had to puke to relieve myself this acidic burn was out of thought. For earlier that night, i had been rolling, bowing,drinking warm water,sitting in all awkward positions, catching my breath in a chase, playing soft music and all this trying to send my thoughts in a forest where good soft memories would replace this still gaze i saw. My ulcers had responded to it and i was suffering the wrath of a love which in all predictions of the world would never be.

My mind had played this deadly gamble with reality and the casualty-my stomach! The ulcers had attacked in a pepper spray agitation that i forgot of how gracious the sight of this face walked down the good old days line. ‘ I should not have taken the wine!” i said to Bennetto who was staring at me inquisitively..

” but i am fine-will be fine..” Answering the question written all over his face

” Maan take some pain killers, i think you should see a doctor tomorrow!” Bennetto, offering me a bunch of tablets with the look of concern written all over his eyes.

” Thank you bro, and yes you are right..i will see a doctor tomorrow. Get some sleep bro you have to work tomorrow. i should do the same after taking the medicine..” as i bid him goodnight, i saw the torment in his eyes, that of concern for this one person who seemed not so concerned about his health-and that the person in question was me gave me some ripples in my tummy. I needed to kill the thoughts of these beautiful face, otherwise i would never be free off her charm. She had made her decision, and now it was time for me to make mine. As scary as it was i had to do it and be free. Freedom without her would not be freedom but so was ulcers and being stuck. The realities of the world crumbled upon my mind, there was no mistaking them even if i disagreed with them……………..




The excerpt comes after Samantha-jakes soul mate is forced to marry another man out of his wealth and family connections. Jake stands exiled in his attempt to fight for life. He and Samantha are home far from home in thought, could love survive in two different worlds? …i am still reading so maybe we will find out later


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