What if FIFA was a third world country?

The kingdom of FIFA-it would be named! and the de facto leader, Sepp Blatter! He would perhaps be clowned the King of football presidency like his CAF counter part Issa Hayatou, maybe someone should fearfully say it like King of football or better King and then show a drawing of him stepping on a ball with the words Issa Hayatou king for life, for whom without African football is dead following. It would look sweet with some cheetah claws on top of his skin attire scaring the balls out of any football competitor.

Like leadership in other third world countries, FIFA boasts of a proud cultural heritage of leaders overstaying in power for decades. But unlike third world countries its economic status has no comparison the only thing about funds is claims of embezzlement which is a common trade mark-the western countries agree unanimously!

Before i forget, in relation to the overstay ailment facing football associations around the world. Kenya is among the many victims. Like Blatter and Hayatou, Sam Nyamwea-the president of KFF(they maybe calling it FKF nowadays but its all to confuse people-who notices the difference anyway?) also needs to be clowned perhaps as the kenyan father of football who without the ”great kenyan football” would be in disarray! I mean players would never get salaries-like they do? the national team would consist of the best talent on the ground compiled after national competitions in all levels, and kenyans would start watching football from other federations for te kenyan one would stop entertaining local fun support-so please don’t go king Nyamwea kenyan football will miss you-some nyakinywas would plead as king Nyamwea wearing his Simba ngozi attire threatens to leave office! Perhaps he would listen and fix this mess by staying back, his buttocks on that presidency stool would solve all this problems. Its just like a rain maker-you just need the right one!!

Like third world countries most of the high ranking officials would be facing interdiction in other established judicial jurisdictions like America and Europe over embezzlement of funds. Wait a minute, i thought Switzerland was in Europe? Well my knowledge of world map is unclear as sketches of small African countries laying below Big Europe crowds my mind, i mean on the map the bigger one is then said to be the smaller one in actual fact, how can i survive such a twist without losing my mind? So somebody should fly those high ranking chums roasters somewhere to answer to their allegation for the kingdom of soccer seems shaken.

Just a thought, when will CAF ever allow an eastern African country to host the AFCON? Hayatou seems to favour the west and the north, anyway how can we expect such honors as we chase our de facto simba king?  One day i will never care about what goes on behind the football scenes, i will watch the likes of Leo Messi and feel cool after shouting goals and seeing heart-skipping amazing tricks. I will dance and expect that our kings for life in football will one day retire and usher in some new kings for life.


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