all i wanted was to be lazy in thought!

I thought simple of this universe, completely in disregard of its complexity.

In my simplistic thoughts, i imagined of a world that would offer life-for all!

Of these lovely inhabitants who would share happy times and mourn sad times together.

For sharing is human and the essence of humanities prowess is in it.

Thats why i think i was lazy in all my thoughts, because i wanted to.


Laziness blinds!

Even the sharpest of the eyes.

It has a way of magnifying  some what obvious solutions

to these global complex problems.

with an expectation though. As flimsy as they come.

The expectation that tomorrow will not question todays ideals

It will! For this is innevitable.

And all will know we were lazy!

To top it up, is that we wanted to be just that!



To answer to an anonymous grill, which is turning out to be unanimous with most probes

and synonymously singular to those like me, those whose life is across the sea

and therefore the need to ”apparently explain” why to many natives.

I choose life across the bridge, not because i needed to survive-i already did.

But because i needed an incremeant possibility- sure as hell there is here!

and an opportunity to not have to survive- who doesn’t want that in 21st centuary?

This choice is not kind to all humans,

because we are so lazy to make it so-by so, i mean ‘Kind!’

And thats why i think all i ever wanted was to be lazy

even if i did not know about it.


In this soliloquy, i soliloquize on how important being active is,

and why not being so, so messes up the world-as we know it

( the total mass of mess we inhabit with naive pride!)

A complete fallacy! Packed to the groin with lies, liars

and those naive enough to listen to them,

reason like them in complete ”truth of belief”

and a new day is aborted in a consecutive deja vu!

because all i wanted was to be lazy in thought!





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