Summer time action.

You know its summer when you walk around the streets and suddenly, as if from nowhere, there are so many ‘open air’ restaurants. What used to be a free empty street three weeks ago, is indeed a restaurant and the beautiful lady smiling at you, as you passby, might just be a waitress inviting you to have a look at the ‘new summer-time menu’.

When you go to the train station, almost every time, the station is full of people on their shorts, tattered pants and almost micro-mini skirts plus these loose 100 B.C-it could also be at the start of AD but sure as hell christ found them here, attires which have found space in an escalating fashion and manner.The moment you see this-just know, its summer time!

A walk around the park, any park near you, will remind you to make that call to ”long time not seen” friends for the fun around is contageous and you want to board the ship-you can’t survive not being part of it. Maybe its the busketball that buddies are playing around the courts( these is actually too much for me, somebody introduce something new like rugby-but don’t crush my bones), or the less common soccer-especially in Berlin, i wonder why? or the schisha-i hope i got it right, or the numerous berbecues that rock the parks producing more smoke than cigarettes and all the weed smoked around-good thing though for the BBQ smell is such an aroma that can not be wished away. And thats summer time, action packed summer time.

To make summer more interesting is to make new contacts, to meet new people and to kill the precious moments as you play catch up to ”long time not seen” friends( leo,dy,vale, mosee, docki and co..mko wapi bana?). This is the perfect time to actually remember and apply Robert Green’s 28th law ” Enter action with boldness” and knowing that along the memory line you will remember this moments and smile back at the time you rocked, at the time that you just were on fire and did the craziest yet the best things along the path of life.

In this path, you will have those humble moments. The day after the great night out when the hung over will remind you that you are still human without supernatural powers as alcohal made you imagine. There will also be those moments when you will laugh at those stupid actions that you did two nights ago and forgot about, you were knocked out anyway, and your friends will tease you and hold you back with those stories forever untill a newer bigger story hits the block.You will be amazed at the things that a person can fear in a night ranging from red traffic lights, to trees as the flow with the wind, to abardoned bicycles along the path and the scary to hell zebra-crossings, drunkardness and babysteps are cousins!

These will all be realities this summer for most of your pals and you, just like it was in yesteryears. You will all have a flat-rate share of most events, you will enjoy it and make memories of a worthwhile momentous time. Summer time calls for the cutting loose of excess stressful buggage in life for it reminds you once again that to see the next one, you will be one year older than now and in their eyes-the society, more will be expected of you,their coded message on you doing other stuff than making and having fun just for yourself-well not this summer!

The next one could be theirs but this one, this last one is yours-just like you said about the last one and just as you will not want to let the next one go without so much action. Action packed is as they come and thats what i wish for you all this summer, mine is already on the move, how about yours?i hope it is quite as packed as a package of goldless roses and all they give is a sweet scent that forever threatens a smile!




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