Dos and don’ts in the carnival of cultures

First of all, if you are going to the carnival during the day, never wear a coat-people might think you are somebodies father and perhaps add a grand before the father. But always curry a jacket or a pullover on your bag-make it a small bag just enough to curry a jacket or a pullover and some water-otherwise you might end up buying water for more than 4$. Why curry a pullover or a jacket on your bag?Because you have no idea when the right time to go home will be,the fun around has away of becoming contageous and time seams to freez in the breeze of all this bliss.

Secondly, make sure you shopped on one of the B.C attires i spoke about sometimes back-they make you look cultural regardless of where they came from. For those who ask you can throw in a name of a field marshal who books never talked about-your great grandfather would be a good start or his best friend-if he had.By the way a Nigerian man almost outsmarted everybody in this act. He had an attire that no one had ever seen, only to convince some pretty ladies that he was indeed a prince in Delta state(the attire was a resrve of royal blood in delta state). Delta state prince Ichikweche Ofabuoni! haaa! all the ladies flew in with the prospect of becoming the princess of Delta state(by the way he said it something like DeyltAAH Statte’) with great majestic touch that anyone who didn’t know him would fearfully believe.

I felt like i was in a majestic presence until a guy who knew him messed his game up by calling him” Chiboy!! Chibouy naaah! Didn’t i tell you to roll that tenk naahh?”…A prince rolling the tent for some Oga somewhere?(oga-boss) Chibouy’s great net was cast away like a castle in the sky. Soon after all the prettness around him was busy deleting all the selfies and the autographs he had signed.

Be ready to meet and mingle with the world. If you are the silent type, too sad you just need to practise smiling for many things, most of them crazy, will make that smile curve itself! Even if it will be a half-monalisa like smile. Silence is not the best art though for the whole world will seek your attention, either to take a foto for them-thank God somebody discovered selfies, Or telling you to move away so that they can take a foto comfortably. The former served me better, i am on the worlds walls!!-not just a name written in Berlin wall! For the majority who took photos i featured in will never even remember my name, how could they in their blissful drunkardness? Bliss even without 1% alcohol!

Move around and experience the divergence in cultures and have an open mind to dance alot-this comes in hand if you are with me! i Banjuka like never and offer no apologies to the floor! Why should i? i was born to be happy!

Many places you will go, the smiles will be contagious. But there will be the reserved happies, leave them-they have no problem with you or any one. They are happy in their own way, infact more happy than you might think they just don’t show off-like you, and thats the difference!

The biggest don’t, perhaps after not attending?, is perhaps attending when broke. You will experience what worlds apart means in real time by the surprise that will be your every turn as you witness how much people will be willing to spend on things that go for cents in such a place. You might even get a heart attack so the latter or the former choose the better Don’t.

The biggest Do for me is to attend in a chilled real me status, not expecting alot and not thinking about what last year brought that this year failed to showcase. This way the openness of the mind is ready for a ride in the cultural bliss that the carnival provides. The curtains are closed as i hype in this blissful moments to an event that i wasn’t sure i would even attend. The ones you don’t plan for might actually turn out to be the best moments, cheer the moments as the smiles blow your face in the confusion that the mind calls happy hour!


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