If there was a science out there, to turn this imagination into a reality,

to turn real, these beautiful things running to the spine of my mind.

Then you would tabasamu, because thats all i want for you.

and its written all over there. Tabasamu means smile!!


I would send you weaver birds, to weave  some beautiful Kiota

Kiota means nest, a big one indeed, for you to rest in summer

for you to lay down up there as you read a book or listen to music

in the sunny palm filled Mombasa beaches-its always summer there!

and you would drink palm juice-fresh from the source

because it is written all over my mind, and tabasamu means smile!!


I would ask grandpa to culve Jung’wa for you to sit,

a beaded Jung’wa, Jung’wa means stool

and you would love it, sitting there as you prepare Irio.

Irio means food.

because my girl, its written and tabasamu means smile.


i would ask my cousine to make you Mbara, for you to learn to dance.

You would be able to shake it just like that,maybe even chakacha!

and all around you would shangilia in fun.

The smiles and laughter would moo the night,

making countless echos across hills and valleys

and the night would be a short one, for fun has away to shorten things

and all these in my mind.

but i cannot tell you, because doing so would amount to nothing

and nothing that amounts to nothing isn’t worth telling

but it is written my dear that tabasamu means smile




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