Apology not accepted

Yes i accept, its a mistake-my bad!sorry,please..

but i am immensely affected by this reaction i get.

It has this profound touch in my life that i hadn’t realized before

and so i apologise! its all my bad and i say sorry!

(sacarstic gaze!..at me..this smells not so good)

so, all i get,

<apology not accepted>in none of those words!


…if there is anything i can do to make up for this..i plea

.(seems there’s nothing from the silence i get)..

my face now frowning-with anger mixed with fear of loss

or something, just not good!!

>Apology not accepted.



and i am not good at making these apologies either.

somebody hop in and advice?…

no one’s willing???

>Apology not accepted.


..hoping there is a chance-even if baadaye..

going crazy in my mind trying to explain

and not having success-i sink on my knees

…i even promised to behave myself next time

(somehow admitting i didn’t behave myself before?)

all i get…

>apology not accepted!


I’m just human right?

we mess up at times, we are prone to that.

Accept it today, tomorrow might be you asking….

-silence with sharp eyes cutting through me, no blinking.

feeeew this is intense and very serious!

>Apology not accepted!


Damn should have know before messing up!

i’ll kick the walls to hell!

burst the tyres wide open!

scream my lungs out and walk in the rain without an umbrella

but i’ll never forget, that all i got

>Apology not accepted!


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