Pass auf!!

Life is easy for those who just give up, for those who just quit, for those who can not take the heat and just opt to leave the kitchen. Yes, easy for atleast the 30 seconds relief at the time they make the decision.But regreat will haunt them sometime in future-or perhaps thats what i would like to imagine. He got buttered many times, because his resolve had always been never to quit, even if things got how tough. In his mind the tough always got going no matter what. Contrary to this, there were many times he wished it would have been better if he just found a spot in his heart to just quit, to just give up the fight and ease this tormentious strides in life. But no! He just couldn’t quit.

He believed in the winner- winner philosophy that goes ”Winners are never quitters and quitters never win.” Whenever he nearly quit, this phrase would play like a song in his mind,he would find the strength within to accomplish any missions ahead of him.

There was this night, in Berlin, he was so new in the city, unofficially registred and 100% foreign-anyone could smell his foregn scent from a distance.He was unsure, unaware of simple things,could not speak the language and his shacky confidence sent signals to the satelites. He had gone to visit this girl he met in a Mombasa beach.They had lived together in different time zones-from Kenya to Malaysia,  and so when Zoe invited him to her crandle land, he jumped on the offer like a stolen bicycle.Flew to the city of his new romantic dreams. Berlin was enormously different from anyother city he had been to but felt so fun, Zoe was there to guide him.

Before he met Zoe in the sun and sand beach, he had lived in Mombasa for two and a half years. He had aquired the sweet swahili accent synonimous with the city. Many would not believe he was an inlander when he spoke. He was sharp as razor on matters business-this he had learnt from the hard life that had hit him after being retreanched from his work years before.

He had started all sorts of business and failed in the past and his first months in mombasa were his worst. He was aware that there were those who slept outside-not because of the hot Mombasa weather, which makes many want to sleep out anyway but due to lack of a place to live. Due to lack of rent after successive failirers.He was aware that a man can go for days without food and still function, because he had gone through it and still chased after elusive opportunities. Most importantly he was aware that the last minute can save a man-this very minute had saved his day countless times. It was the only reason he never quit because he knew that the clock would soon tick and his time would arrive.

So after having great moments with Zoe in that december, january arrived. With it came this new horrible weather that he had never seen. Winter was so cold that his fingers felt like someone was inserting pins on their tips. She had adviced him to buy warm jackets and all the clothing that winter needed-which he had done for the both of them. But the cold had away of penetrating. Zoe too had changed her once warm face into a layed back ess happy stance.He would barely recognise her. He atleast chose to remember the happy girl he spent much of his time, between running his business errands, with in the happy streets of the heavenly sunny city.

On this cold night he walked from the train station so slowly, earlir,he had taken two bottles of beer but the cold had neutralised it upon stepping outside. She lived far from the city centre where he was with his newly found friend. He had 90cents in his pocket-he planned to call his home office for some money transfer the next day, his phone was dead and needed charge.

He walked with only one thought-sleep and handle things the next day!This was untill he got to the door. Trying to open the main door, the key would not fit in the key hole. He was shocked. How could it be? he tried again-it was late, Zoe must have been asleep, so he wished for anything to avoid ringing the door bell. But his key was different from the one he normally had. Maybe someone took mine and misplaced it with his, someone from the bar? no. nobody tourched the key! why would anybody?After some minutes of unhelpful deliberation he pushed the door bell.An act that he immedietly regreated.

From the second floor the window opened, Burning with range,Zoe, holding a loaded paper bag shouted ”pass mal auf!” (watch out)letting the bag go as she banged the window, locking it. The contents in the bag shocked the cold  out of his heart.His clothes were inside there, the bag had unfortunately-or as planned- landed on spikey flower beds and tore into the bag scattering everythng in the white snowy ground.

In his shock he felt like quitting was knocking his door one more time, this time with a big thud sound! Pass auf still drums his thoughts when he thinks of the untold- stories of a life far from home.


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