I feel less human

Human, (is) the caucus of a few who benefit from the most.

I feel less human!


The system, of those who would crumble the skies;

if only to keep me far far away from you my love.

I feel less human.


Pendo, to be with you-which is what i want,

which is what i admire,

which is what i need,

which is what i must!

I feel less human.


To be in your land- in this situation.

I feel less human,

as i balance between;

to marry you-as if that will increase my love for you

or decrease it? But they say i must! i need to..

as if my choice is theirs to make.

I feel less human


Or to make baby with you-on their terms!

(the thought of this tears me apart!)

i wonder whose idea it was,

and what drove the sadist to such heartless claus?

I feel less human.


My love, not that i feel less when i am with you.

on the contrary, being with you spikes up this special feeling in me.

I swear to God!( Ngai baba!) it makes me soft but yet so happy

i feel supernatural,its magical!

I feel like screaming my lungs out, and tell the world-if it listens,

about this unexplainable feeling.

about this bubbles in my tummy that makes me want to pea with pleasure

about this countless heart beats that drum my chest at your thought

-the thought of you smiling, the thought of you just living freely

the thought of you just doing your daily routine, just routine but special to me

and these are the times that i feel human!

even if i often lose me in a world of wild imagination.


but the thought of the system-the ideals inflicted on me as choice.

A bunch bad choices.

I feel less human!


So they sell guns back home and hope we kill ourselves to hell.

we do! but somehow  somewhat, survive!

They set me up with bulshit choices when i make it through this end.

The idea is to make me think i am less of a human.

But instead of Think, i Feel.

I don’t think i am less-never!

in any way, i don’t. I just don’t.

because i can’t.

So my love understand me.

i just feel less of a human.


Less of a human to be presented this blur option.

More less that the presenters of this calls themselves humans.

I wonder what defines humans.

Is it not humanity?


Pendo my love, i think i will take a third choice-a pass!

It will make me feel human even if in a place where i shouldn’t!

If being with you is forcing my throught to swallow the seed of humanless popycork

i feel less human.


Be with me anywhere else, because in here.

i feel less human.

i hold a one way ticket, heading only God knows where,

i hope you see this before i am gone

because in here, i feel less human

and thats why i am running away from this feeling.


to you and only your eyes!!!!

i feel less human




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