No idea is no idea

I have no idea why i am on this road,

this gigantic road heading somewhere up there-suppossedly up.

Up my so called social ladder-and its a good one,so they say!

Rising to eminence!!

But i have no idea why.or what i am to do with eminence

do i laugh and smile with it?

do i dance and scream?

do i just feel lucky i got there?

i mean i don’t know why i am on this path

or how to deal with getting up there

and even more shocking is i don’t even know why i have to be here!

The last i checked, no idea meant just that

No idea.


…and thats me up the road…

that no idea road.


They,the choices. I had a few of them indeed

and the choice i made-from the few available

was this uphill treck. The no idea treck i find myself making.

Suprisingly, i’m not alone!

I thought other people had ideas,

and that i was the only one stuck in this mess.

but on the up roadthere are others, lucky me- i have buddies

They, like me,have no idea, and i know it.

But they don’t. or they do, but can’t admit it

or maybe the do admit it but seek no answers because this is complex

it may make one think they are stupid-there is a thin line between what is smart and stupid

many of my colegues woud rather appear the former than question the latter.

because no idea is no idea!And stupid is stupid


….there are those who think its better to be stupid in silence,and no one knows it

than be smart in questioning stupid things-people might mistake you for what you question…


and no idea could be seen as admiting to stupidity-but its real.

Could stupidity be real? and how deeply real?

Like love-they say its blind.But blind with eyes would seem stupid?

well i have no idea about neither of the two.


Wisdom-which i need now. And badly so!

is the acceptance of ones situation with an aim of rectifing it.

That was my grand father’s best line-i stole it and i have no idea why.

But he made it cool by demonstrating how idealess we are at times.

he pointed a finger at me and said

‘okay! he who points at another points three fingers at himself” huh-so lame

But if fingers were the fingers of doom, then its a tripple doom to the pointer

i have no idea what stands above me-i will not elaborate more

because no idea is no idea.


Buddies walking up the path, some fast others slow but all lost

its a shame how many-or less- actualy have an idea of why or how

or even care to ask themselves this provocative questions.

you may learn how idealess you are by doing so at times


The notion of time, i have no idea whose idea it was

perhaps the best idea escapes all explanation

and invokes some logic adapted by all displines

it enslaves all and sets goals for all

like a bride it woos us all, in a dominance relation and always wins

i have no idea how it does that, but wins.

Guaranteed! the only real guarantee.

because even this idealess walk will be perhaps meaningful when time allows

Because time is the perfect judge, works without a bench but good she is

and i have no idea why or how but somehow she alway wins

and is fair but ruthless.

Can only be lost but never wasted

and the fact is,

we always go wrong when we use wasted whilst describing her loss

and i have no idea why, because no idea is no idea!




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