i think i am becoming a celebrity

kimani my brother, kimani my brother i do call again,
you maybe silent even when i call twice,
even when i shout, even when i scream your name
you may even look at me to imply that you heard me
even the first time, soft as i called, but chose to be silent!
I know you have a choice. But kimani your ignorance prides you and parades you!
Yet your arrogance prides you down, you will fall my brother.
just because you are indeed my little twin, yes little kimani
have you forgotten that i am five minutes older?
now little bro, look at me even if you won’t utter a word
for i think i am becaming a celebrity.
When i moved out of our home, ooh boy i remember this day
with you dragging my 10 kilo load of clothes in a secondhand suitcase
just minutes after mother blessed me for this journey, she wished me safe safari
hehehe how we hugged and cried as i bonded the bus to the airport
oooh kimani ooh my little brother ooh how i miss mama, how i miss home
so i arrived safe and now let me tell you about the newest experiences i have here.
My apartment is on the seventh floor, yes brother i live in a pent house
its the smallest apartment but its mine and mine and mine!! i love it,
in this skyscrapper there are so many people living here, i know none of them
yes kimani none of them, even the lovely lady living in the house next to mine
i see her everyday with her two daughters as she goes to work and they to school
but we only say hi-sometimes- and nothing more kimani,this sounds wierd right?
but of late, i think i am becaming a celebrity.
Last week i got on the lift as i left the house, yes kimani where i live there is a lift, a f**** lift maaan!!
inside there was a man, dressed in a very expensive looking suit,wow it looked awesome
he was reading a book and just looked at me and smiled at or to me, i’m confused ,then read some more
well two floors down a well dressed beautiful princess like lady hoped in, lol she looked lovely
she also smiled a lovely smile it was but it lasted a blink of an eye-though i didn’t blink, how could i
she then pulled out her cell phone from her lavish pulse and started listeng to some music
well i watched and waited for the next person, in the morning normally so many people hop in
so far so good i have counted two smiles bro and on hi,have i not?
thats just the beginning bro so believe it, i think i am becaming a celebrity.
Out of the lift, to the main glass door-that would be a gate made of steel in our neighbourhood ja?
well.. not where i live, its a lavish glass door with a lock easily picked by a bank card..but nobody does it
so out we go and the gentleman on an expensive suit heads left to the Mercedez Benz he had parked
lovely princess turns right, the small sport mini makes a chuchu-its hers..chuchu was an alarm or something …how can i know such complicated stuff? so i start running to catch the bus, i can’t be late
just as i cross the tarmac road, still running, some loud hooting on my left, gosh!! i hadn’t seen it
its the black benz, wow-the man is talking to me, maybe i get a lift..wait he is shouting in another language
okay just move out of the way..he drives by as the bus i was running to catch starts its engine,
fuck,i just missed it. but all these in one morning bro!!
i think i am becaming a celebrity

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