why you are enjoying your work

They see the lack of swag or just some other complex thing that they just can not explain.They only complain. Your hair, they think it looks shuggy as long as its long, they do not like long or locked-dread-locked, they want it short and neat. Neat? But i comb it. Is combing not part of making it neat? You always argue but then topics about good groaming and etiquette spice up. You need to get out of the room and consentrate on important matters, they won’t let you go without some ‘friendly advice’. Short is easy to keep neat.Customers need neat not just combed!

So working in these hotel has forced you to change your hair somany times, you had dread-locks as an intern, you had to shave. Locks and food business do not mix. But clients can have them, not you. You refused to work as a waiter because they made you were a tie all the time, even in summer. Who cares? the customers are so young and look so multicultural, so casual but waiters wear ties! So your escape, the kitchen.

Cooking was hard for a start, you saw the kitchen only when taking back your plate there back home but now you have to make what goes inside the plate,clean it when it comes back and dry it.Drying spoons sucks!Wearing a tie all the time sucks more!

With no dread-locks and your afro gone, you can eswell be confused for a personal secretary, you look neat-in their eyes, well behaved-as if behaviour is an outword look and trust worthy. lients can now eat their food without worring if some hair fell inside their soup. Actually soup tastes better if there is no risk of finding some hair in there.Your caucasian collegues can have long hair but hold it backwards-this is neat, or so says the management.

You got used to looking the way they want but of late they have an issue with your social behaviour. They think you chat alot with people around, customers know you more than the waiters who you sometimes assist when the place is full, and this scares the hell out of them. They wonder how, but ladies like your berbecue more than anyother. How do they even know who berbecues it?Of late they think your village is so social but thats not how things roll in your work.They want you to change but they don’t know how to tell you that. They think that maybe you haven’t yet been colonised enough and somebody needs to tame you for good. They give you such looks that suggest they spoke about you but you wait to serve whoever starts the talk.No one has the nerve to put the bell on your neck, just like the mice did, and now you know you got them by the balls. There isn’t anything they can do to change your social behaviour because you cannot let them. They can take your hair and slum some ties on you but they cannot take your smile from you, of late you are enjoying work more than ever.


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