The way to Kaunda’s

Kaunda was his best friend. He lived in Gachie-a place famed for all bad things ranging from theft to burglary to armed robberies, no banks wanted to open shop near there nor did major outlets. But Njoki was not interested in any of those, she could not afford the luxury of fear. In fact such luxuries were not included for many women her age and from the area she hailed from. With her almost time pregnancy she asked around where to find the homestead of the Kaunda’s, for thats how people navigated in 1986 independent kenya which was then under the dictatorial kanu regime.

After the failed 1982 coup, Moi-the then president, had ,with the help of his kitchen cabinet, devised a way to cosolidate power. There had to be casulties. Kiambu-being the area where Njooki,her husband, his friend kaunda and many others hailed from, would be viewed as non collaborative and there fore treated as the epic centre to this madness on the path to power consolidation. The failed coup had been blamed on inhabitants of such areas whether there was evidence or not, they had to pay the price.

Richard, a vocal political strategist anda firm believer on matters democracy was among those arrested in the wake of the numerous arrests related to Mwakenya-a movement drived at attaining multipartism in the then one party state.He was one of te many wo had been arrested, taken to various police stations but not booked on record. This was not the first time though but after the last time, he had instructed Njooki to go to Gachie and look for Kaunda incase he went missing. Kaunda would know how to find him and pregnant Njooki would not have to go to all those stations without getting answers. She was due to deliver in the coming december month.

So in this early morning, after missing to come home for two nights, Njooki was convinced that something was awry and that Kaunda needed to know. It was her only card and she had to crack it. She had then dragged her pregnancy in the long journey from Bananahill to Rwaka and then found a shortcut around the Shambas belonging to the waki family to Gachie. Her younger sister,Muthoni, who was living with her to help in the daily chores-women in such states always get help from family and loved ones in kikuyu customes, had joined her in the search.

Muthoni was still young, still unmarriad but was seeing someone behind curtains, only she and a few in the tight friendship circles knew this, Njooki was not among them. Because she would give her a big sisters advice.To stop seeing men. As if she was going through all this trouble because of a woman or because of her father who was good at curving and had kept out of politics ever since his ordeals in the mau mau times as a gurilla.

The vicious dogs were burking, they seemed so angered at this unannounced morning visit. Njeeri,Kaunda’s wife, was lighting their coffe husks Jiko outside their Mabati house. She was just about to prepaire breakfast when the two young ladies arrived. She smiled as they introduced themselves and offered them sits before going to her bedroom to wake Kaunda up. He was the man of the hour, the one who would bring hope in the faces of this two but three individuals who had endured alot of pain. He was the point man who hired lawyers for the political prisoners.My mother told me these because of my nuisance line of questioning, this ordeal, she underwent just a month before i was born.i still yearn to see how kaunda looks, i never saw his photographs but i know of a journey that mama and auntie had once taken to find the Kaunda’s.


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