One gotta give!!

You gave it a shot at first, then the shot generates to your all,

You are so into it, so deep.

You can even swear serious things on it.

You would even die for it just to prove this.

But this love,that means the world to you,this your all love,

just isn’t working.It just ain’t coming back to you.

And now frustration is engulfing you alive,

feeding on you without remorse.

But something got to give in

or one, you, gotta give.


You ignore all good will advice, from those who care about you.

Those who tell about such ordeals only being unhealthy for you.

Your grandmother who adviced that there is always another chance,

a better one for you,but with someone else, just not with this one

you said no! grandma’ i can’t listen to this-but you know she loves you

she has more experience but not with this love that you feel.

This one is so particular, it wasn’t born in her times.

Her advice is well meant, noted but not taken,

she is wrong and you want to leave it at that-or so you think.

Because one gotta give!give it your all.


Your cousin who said that the feeling is special, but special always happens.

He said even the next one,if you get one like he wished you, would be special,

but only special in its own way.

He adviced against you duplicating the same idea of feeling from jessi to vera

or from stefi to nancy.All were special but unlike each other.

So he said you needed a clean slate, sooner than later.he is bright but,

You ignored him, he must have been reading Akuku danger’s memoirs

or atleast something on king Solomon the wise

-who was not so wise on love matters, he wrote poems that suggested so?

But particulary, he was wrong because he knew and felt nothing about this one,

this one was different, it is special and will always be special in a different way for you!

Because you gotta give it a shot, just like one gotta give, his all. And all his all.


Patrick made you freak out when you last spoke.he is a genious!

Because he saw through your eyes and through you-He has away with these things.

He made you feel listened to and brought out the cynic out of your ways.

Your self-centered approach on not losing a war, a love war which was already gone.

Your chest thumps on what a man you were but no more would be if defeated

or if you accepted the defeat, and why you said no to those other slates they adviced about.

He saw through it because he was once there, where you were, and did exactly what you were doing

If only he had encountered some council as he offered, he would have avoided more heart break

and this was how he got through you, you did not admit on sight because of self-pride.

But you left there with a lighter heart and a smile engulfing the once frowny face.

You realise that choice had not been compromised and that it was still entitled to you

And now you know that one gotta give, give all his all.

But the question is what?just what all one’s all means.for me its a lot but compressed to a few.

One gotta give a chance for a new start, for its never too late to start.

One gotta give all rather than be stark in the comfort of a pride or fear of loss.

Because one gotta give!all his all but for a new slate! a fresh start.


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