Home sick..

Back in the hilly slopes of bananas and red cotton soil, the place i call home-and in fact feel sweet already at the smell of dust, moist as it gets when the rains are on the way from kirinyaga(the mountain where Mwenenyaga-god-our god,Before we decided to call him Ngai-you don’t call your father by his name, so we realized that the maasai had a name similar and borrowed it- loved to rest when he visited gikuyu-the founding father of these community that gave me my mother tongue. But the british changed its name to Mt. Kenya, worse still we were forced to call it that and forget that mwenenyaga-who our ancestors loved to sacrifice to, even loved busking there. I feel him that pinnecle has the best waters and one can actually view kenya in a very different beautiful perspective from there. Maybe thats why he used to hang out there with his buddies-gikuyu and mumbi-mumbi the big mama to the nine daughters, who are actually nine but ten, and we would trase ourselves back to them-even the tenth..kenda muihuru-thats for you ”Natascha”)

Now back to these sweet smell of dust that would warn me to take the cloths off the clothing line and store them in the house, lock the goats in their penn and text as i get an umbrella and her gumboots ready, head to kibutu near the tarmac road and wait for mama to come from work after she calls. Rathimwo muno!-be blessed alot-she would say upon her arrival as i escort her back home with the umbrella in hand. Mostly she would buy matumbo that we would mix with sukuma wiki as a sauce for ugali. All this i miss.

I miss the aroma of the mixture of sukuma wiki and matumbo, as ugali sits there waiting for mboga to be ready and make our night great, the rainy sleepy nights. I miss listening to kameme when this is going on and at some point when the blackout hits-i haven’t seen a blackout in more than three years, so i miss hating it! When kamande would call me only to complain about kenya power and their shoddy work.Telling me about a transformer in Ngurwe whose oil has been syphoned or the whole transformer was stolen..heheeh the things that happen. The people would form adhoc committes to negotiate with kenya power on the purchase of a new transformer-are you with me flexx? i know you miss home too.

I miss going to karume standium to watch akina munene as they train,and going to steels place after for a one two keg!The funny stories, the hunging out and the blasting that used to pre-occupy all this chats! better than any i have found here. Somethings you never imagine that you can miss is going home on a matatu,where you start a conversation with total strangers, never ask for their contacts but sure as heaven you will meet again.

The world is a changing place, maybe most of what i miss is not there anymore, because akina munene may be busy to play football now, transformers maybe more secure now so that kiruthi and his brother bar can work at home with his comp in peace, matatus may have become less social after the saccos decided to remove kinada-loud music system to avoid crashing with the government regulations.But i hope the smell of sukuma wiki never changed and that matumbo is still on sale like ever?

When the day comes and i will visit, this and many others are the things that will make me feel home. The fun is always in the little stuff we ignore, but wait untill you stay in areas where this is not the norm.Their memories return to haunt you at night, you imagine having them, you dream and salivate only to wake and get aquited to the fact that you are indeed away from home and just a victim of a sickness that requires no doctor, you are indeed home sick just like me.


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