Tipsy no more..

in the cold evening a hot drink was called for

Vodka! shots of it? actually a bottle, a 750 ml bottle.

Halfway drunk, tipsy happy and home you go.

Home sweet home it was, untill you can’t see her

Worry creeping in and tipsy dieying slowly

soon will be tipsy no more!


The phone calls,numerous as they are,one following the other

halfway through, you break, then you call again

to hell! the voice mail you refuse to leave.

Damn! that operators voice,nagging you all the time

that shitty girl reminds you to leave messages-can’t she see that i refuse to?

the anger wearing out the once sweet tipsy stance,

soon will be tipsy no more!


Tipsy going down, a sip would help,

you take one, followed by two other shots, soon three

The whole bottle gone in less than 15 minutes-15 feels like eternity.

She is not back, the nagging girl has had fun on your wrath,

your calls, she has decided you have to leave a message

and you have, indeed you left more than five

-and there is no way of knowing if she heard them!-

nor will you know it if she doesn’t call!

You searched for her, you saw the note, you got drunk

tipsy run out you got drunk more and you are tipsy again

but in your range the alcohol levels are diminishing in escalating rates

and soon than later, tipsy no more will be you,will she be there?

Tipsy no more without her there will be hell.


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