She’s Gone!!

It could be under the bed,so you rush there,

no! but you checked, thrice already.

Maybe under the carpet?this is insane!

but you check anyway. all the four corners of it.

You even sniff through, just incase you pick up her scent

You wonder if its a joke that she’s gone.


In the wordrobe, cup board, the fridge,the wash rooms, look..

everywhere anywhere but nowhere, she is not to be seen

She is just not everywhere! but she is somewhere. sure!

Her suite case? you hadn’t thought about it.

Where is it?you such anywhere.

but you know where she keeps it. Next to yours!

Its not there. where? truth?Gone!

You tremble. imagination clears out and gone is the word

You start hearing it everywhere and nowhere

in your mind, in your heart beat in your hands!

she left! she’s not there! gone!!


The necklace you bought her?She loves wearing it,

It must be where she is, some hope flickers in your despair

Atleast she has feelings of you when its there, she will remember on seeing it

But wait, the dinning table. looks like somebody forgot something on top of it

and so perfectly sitting on the dinning table,the necklace,below it is a small note.

You were too busy losing your mind to notice it

and now that you see it, your fate seems sealed

sealed in the one fact that you just refused to accept.

She’s gone!


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