On the way back

When the rain drumed on us,on the way

with the sticky slipperly red cotton soil mud reminding us a lot

most importantly,to walk slow or skid and slide and fall.

It was like a punishment. We had failed!

I realise it’s actually a punishment. it was and it is!

For what had we achieved in that meeting?

We were coming back from a sham of a meeting

meant to be progressive, but we failed!

like this, it was bound to do us no good in future.

And thats why on our way back, it rained on us

draining all the gods anger. to punish.


The unanimous decision, which was weakly oppossed

was to endorce a concept of malice, a cynical self-centered concept

My opinion and that of many lockedhorns.

We all knew sham and sheer malice it was. But unnanimously endorced!

To serve the powerful,the fat cats, the big fish!The tax evaders and the flauters of law

just like any other day.They won. And this time big! Capital big!

Just like our forefathers before us and their forefathers before them.

Same flaws, same mistakes, same ignorance and thus the punishment

We were blind as ever and thats why the rains drummed us hard on the way back!


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