A dirty linen wash, for you kin..

Its ”African” custom not to wash dirty linen in public.Thats why they never talked about all the bad and nasty stuff that he did in his Eulogy. They know it and you know they do but. They called him a hero-you know he wasn’t. How can such a self centred coward be a hero?Then contuned praising his service for the nation and what a big loss for the state it was that he was gone? The newspapers covered him in front page(dismissing the starvation that was so eminent in some parts of the country), with headings reading heroic stuff like ‘ The country mourns the loss of a true statemanship’ to others like ” a dark day as the nation mourns the demise of a leader” and even ‘Sombre mood engulf a  nation in the wake of  a great loss”, ”a dark day for the nation”. you can’t read anymore of this crap!

By now you are wondering if these writers really hail in the same country you live in or not. If not the writers then their editors but this is a big guns game and little boys have to march when asked. Well not you, you cannot be asked to march by anybody-you have no boss.You can not be fired because you are not employed. Perhaps thats why, you can afford to risk the curse of this ”African” cynical taboo and do the uncustomary- wash the dirty linen in public. Short for call a spade a spade. A thief a thief and a coward just that A coward!

They said that the coward (who they have baptised hero with a capital H-and so to be equal you need to use a capital C for coward and italicize it to make it conspicuos..so its agreed where they say Hero we will use Coward!ja? Deal!!) rose over the ranks due to his dilligence and hard work, never slept on the job while serving the subjects of the great nation, a nation he and others like him made a better place. You wonder which nation? You live in a deplorable state. The shanties in the slums, the added levies by the extortionists that you must pay or die,the dungeons subjected to you by rogue cops, the shebeens that make killer liquor and all face you day after day.How worse could it have been if the honourable Coward had not done all the heroic stuff he gets praised of. Maybe it would be hell on earth? No! Hell in hell. You live in hell on earth. But thanks to the Coward, bravo to the like minds atleast its not hell on hell!

He gets front page, entitlements of honour-with a small ‘h’-agreed? and a state funeral for sleeping on the job or setting his next of kin in a generational wealth drive which is large and prestigious to levels that can only better be wasted. You can’t afford to use such large amounts of luxury unless you waste it. You fly choppers to areas where busses would take two hours, a good way to waste cool cash you have, cool cash you don’t need, cool cash you wonder why all others-you think they are stupid at this juncture, fail to have. As a next of kin you can only tell how ignorant others are as they storm your expansive lands to burry your Cowardly papa and endorce you to inherrit his office. So that you can milk that cow he milked more.And you will do it because dirty linen allows you to mourn the coward as you milk public cow without sharing the milk with anyone. Because you are the onlyones whose loss is allowed to mourn and award.



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