What i won’t say in the proposal

In the limbo of existence, strength and hope prevail,

confidence manouvres in pits where lack of it will sink and swallow!

much of it comes from the wisdom of having a quality guidance.

Right from birth, guidance!Like what i got or didn’t,

and all these i bring forth as i lay my honors down, all of them!

As i ask for your hand in the dive to these messy muddy scary waters

with smiles followed by tears,

with love and happy times followed by range and sadness in equal terms!

Yes! i will give you these all and you too, you will return a favour!

All of these in four folds, most of which i don’t say in these proposal.


I will knee down, one knee on the ground-i don’t know why

but they do it-i wonder whose idea it was (and if he did it on a rainy day such as this?)

So i will follow them in their ignorance and do it.

You will be surprised-in your ignorance just like them, and you will say yes!

when i finish quoting words from shakespear-by the way was he in love all the time?

You will wipe away your tears-i wonder if they will be real but wipe them you will.

And we will hug amid a clapping audience-even the envious will clap in their crap!

The warm tight hug that will follow will make me erect-a bad thing in the public dormain

You will feel it and smile, at least this will be real.

The award, endless kisses in your tear soaked face! real tears

(for how can you not cry when i am erect in a place without privacy! you miss it but you can’t have it here..)

The proposal will be approved and witnessed, or not(who cares?) but it is a proposal anyway!


We will promice each other happy times, chocolate and tasty food, honey and milk!

but what we won’t say?

I will not tell you that i will give you a load of ushenzi from time to time,

Nor will you admit that you will serve me that moody shit, and alot of it!

I will not tell you that there will be things that i just need other men to hear and not you.

because saying so will seem chavenistic but make no mistake, it will be real.

Nor will you tell me of those issues that strangers in our life will listen, stuff not for my ears.

The proposal should have this, but not on this day.the hug is still tight!

the kisses flying us around imaginations in a world perhaps not real.


I will want to add what my friend, Wambu, advised me,

maybe she was right or wrong, but add it i will

and these is why i will chip in the new chef like qualities that i have learnt

perhaps to enhance my life as well as my CV, my proposal CV.

I will tell you a lot of things but in many words they will revolve around love!

the love i feel for you and how important it is for me to express it.

But how immpossible for me to just say it all in words

And how i will live each and everyday trying to prove it to you

(perhaps you will seem not to believe it time after time)

so i will prove it because its the essence to keeping it alive

but this will not be there in the proposal.





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