just what was on the note she left?

After surviving almost the most horrible ordeals,

From dummy trials framed on you,

to having to stand before kangaroo courts-whose decisions were pre-made.

to the beatings that the family paid goons to administer to you,

OOh the jaw still hurts, the  scars, the parmanent marks.

But you still never gave up, not even once

not even for a second or a thought but the note..

all this came and left you standing

untill the note! so just tell me bro

Just what was on the note she left??


I have thought of all things possible to crash a mans heart,

all terrible things that can shatter a determined heart

but you went through them all, and still lived

But just this note.

just what was there?

that was worse than learning she had lied to you about Felix-the boy next door

that was worse than having a threat on your head from her dad-who is bad ass in all ways-the village terrifies in the mention of his name, but not you

that was worse than knowing she would be studying abroed for four years just so that she doesn’tget to see you-this could have brocken me and others, well not you!,

but the note, the heroic note was able to do the undoable

just what was there?


Your secrets are safe with me, this you’ve known forever

what not share just this one?

Is it the wedding plans they made for her-the one she begged you to attend?

Did you feel she would have said no but didn’t?

Or did she write that this was actually her decision?

How do you know she wrote it? this people are evil they could have forged it.

Ever since i met you Malcom, you inspired me with your philosophies,

remember telling me question everything even if it looks obvious?

why didn’t you question the note? the killer note she left behind.

just what did she write there?


I have always wanted to read it, to understand the mentality behind it

to learn just why it got through to you, this mysterious note

I thought about it so much and i still do

because it was a force more physical than any i had know.

because they say it was short but i feel it was precise,

just how precise i can only tell by what ensued after you read it.

the secrecy behind it leaves so much to be suspicious about

and the shattered hearts it left in its trail, wail for the truth

The truth you would have told aunty and uncle to stop their stress

the truth you would have told my two cousines-your siblings.

they would not be in this tear filled shock and distress

the truth you would have shared with james and i, and you know we always solved issues, as hot as they got.

The secret you only needed to let out and live happy after.

But not you boy, you chose to remain mum about it

You chose to take your life and die with it

Just what did she write because she also followed suite three months after you left us fighting to de-mask the note.

the question still begs answers, just what did she write on that note she left behind?




2 thoughts on “just what was on the note she left?

  1. I was reading quickly to get to the bottom hopping to know what was in the note too. But to my surpise Ive got to give myself some answers. That was a good one full of suspense.

    Liked by 1 person

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