Jackies warm kiss

Your jacket was covering her hair yet this wind kept on pulling and pushing it in all forms of ways. It had rained these cats and dogs they talk about,the proverbial ones, and you can hear them mewing,barking and biting your trousers, freakering a pain that pitched so high to your spine, this you were ready to swear.Magnified by the fact that you had caried one, but was wearing no jacket on, which made you feel outwitted and dump-also because you were dump from the water that had landed on your nacked skin heavily.Also these winds blew like the devil had sent them to blow you away, or atleast your limbs or your heart.The jacket could have prevented some of it but her hair needed it more.And gladly-in quotes- you let it use this jacket, a well spent resource! You cared less about the hair though, but it was her hair. Water and chemicaly relaxed hair don’t mix, just like heavy down pour and a jacketless dude who had carried one from home indeed.i swear,you can ask mama if you don’t believe.

Jackling-the girl whose hair was more importantant than your health, lived with her parents on the interior side of the ridge. The place was so remote, no shops around to shelter you guyz from the rain, just hills and valleys that felt like mountains.Good thing is, she is known around there, the shortcuts saved you guyz quite a deal. These endevour made you aware of the saying the kikuyus have about love and mountains( kwa mwendwa gutiri irima-loosely transates to mean something like where love is concerned distnce in terms of mountains can never be felt-translated by me, even Bing is never perfect!)  and also the other one about beauty and loss of breath. But Jackie’s hair (which represents beauty in this loss of breath contex) was taking an expensive toll on you, your comfort, time and health.why you had to endure all this was beginning to piss you off.
Nevertheless, you soldired on. A man is not one unless he sacrifices-his life for the girl, as if his time was not countable.The sticky muddy paths on those hills, where you had to climb up first and extend your hand for her to get there easy,the pools of water where you had to go in and carry her risking your shoes getting torn and hers not tourching water and the eventual arrival at her parents.
“i could have invited you for some porridge, you are so wet and you need something warm my love, but mama is home..i don’t want trouble”..looking at you in a half apologetic way. You know better than to opposse this. “you worry too much..i am fine just go in and text me before you sleep” you send her off feigning confidence, getting your jacket back and a warm kiss. It feels more warm because she is actually so warm unlike you. Just a minute after watching her close the gate your mind welcomes you back to reality.You still have to go through those muddy hills.You can’t take shortcuts because the people there don’t know you,this can land you in alot of trouble. So no shortcuts just the main road.Shit! Its getting dark already, you don’t have a tourch. tragedy. The rain threatens to come back-this one seems heavier,its always heavier the second one is always heavier.No umbrella, no gumboots and still wet in a muddy dark hilly village,thats how you have to find away back from Jackie’s warm kiss.To make matters worse, you will escort her home even tomorrow for her kisses bring distance and muddy hills to non-existance, untill she shuts her gate and you have to go back.

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