Italian for a night!!

If i was i talian, for a night,

i would be like bob, the king of the jungle, the womens jungle!

i would do the dumpest things of the dumpest things possible.

They make girls fall in love, to their knees!!

Their pants fly flats open, i am serious my bro,

as their hearts skip wide to acomodate you, you and your nonsense

but just if i was italian for a night, here in berlin-this i tell you bro


Speak with accent, none other, but italian-they like it!

You went through grammar school working hard to lid of it?

get it back-its an asset boy! they find it sweet!

i think it turns them on, they have a way of coming with it-around and yes!

what you thought! its italian boy.

we are in Berlin, they love it here.


You clipper, the one whose charger you lost,

forget it, you don’t need it!

allow your beard to grow-they think you are cassanova.

You remember we making fun of your long beard?

The one time we said you should get a used coffee cup and sit on the street?

The one time we said you would look like a pennah?

well thats cassanova! thats what you need boy!

but only when you are italian tonight!

for we are in berlin, instead of coins you get kisses!!


Maan you will make us look like security guards,

at night when we walk with you, and you?

You will be like George Cloony, the star

nobody will look at us as they get autographs from you.

because tonight, for a night, you will be italian

with a beard for forgetting your clipper

and with an accent for failing to beat it at grammar school.

Most importantly, you will still be my friend as ever





Ps:thank you for the mexciang note book.

The present you gave me bro.

and be blessed in days of your life, each day of the year

NB:to you bro Marco!!


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