After the mist clears…

”When the mist clears, you will trace the path,

You will see the range of mountains streching their reach to North north east.

You will see the streams that flows with this sparklin clean unsalted water.

You will follow the narrow path near those bushy blackjacks.

You will need a Panga to clear the bushes

there and then, your path shall unfold.

Because after the mist clears, there will be a way my boy.


When you follow the road, tirelessy but cautiously.

With all the melting morning dew,as sun rays hit the ground.

With all its cricking crickets as they yawn for breakfast

and as the dung from the cows smokes its heat out,

allowing dung beetles to roll and wrestle in a duel.

a sign that herders will not have gone far and so you will know your way.

You will know not to follow them for medicine man lives not where they graze.

You will know where to turn for your shade will shorten when you get there.

Because my boy, after the mist clears, there will be a way.


Don’t forget son, this don’t forget boy,

You will carry irio wrapped up with banana leaves.

Eat before you turn, for the shadow shortens at noon,

the unsalted streams provide clean water, pure from the source

and the journey ahead, requires a full stomach.”

This he insisted! And papa always did.

But the mist clears soon, because it always does,

and papa always said it.he couldn’t imagine me forgetting.

And this i pass to you, when the mist clears.

And after,but only after,shall your way be visible

but sure as heven, there is a way my boy!!




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