The wind chasing you!

Your alarm had been ringing forever, this you discover when you wake up 47 minutes after the set time. Infact the alarm is not what woke you, but your careless neighbour whose breakfast must have burned. Your house is full of smoke, his fire alarm is off and loud, this you couldn’t ignore. Pissed off at this lunatic’s actions,  you get up, a look at your timer scares the hell out of you. You will miss this important appointment, it had taken you more than a month to secure it and more than six to come up with a presentation. Knowing this doesn’t help, it freaking scares you more.

As quick as you can, you jump to the shower for a quick pass-port(half the normal shower, actually cleaning only the vital parts that may give you away). The phone rings. Who the heck? Your first guess scatters your imagination. ‘It must be them!’ your inner-self shouts as you run out of the shower nacked,soaped and half way done with your intended pass-port. Shit! the damn soap is all over your eyes, the only towel whose where about you know, is in the bathroom! You reach out for whatever piece of clothing you lay your hands on and wipe the nasty sour soap out of your face(only to later find you used charity’s dress-the birthday present you bought and forgot to wrap). Grabbing the phone from the charger just before the last beep “hello! …..’ no answer..the call is hung up and no number displayes on your screen.damn!!whoever the hell! shitty private numbers!Droping it fast and furious, you head back to the shower, finishing your business there swiftly.

Your Suite still hangs as you left it seven months ago after the last interview you attended, but still smart and clean, only that, a spider decided to make this pure white ‘house’ for her eggs.You are not impressed, adding one more to your ‘i hate spiders list!’ why can’t they lay those freaking eggs on your casual coats? like the one that you only wear on the rainy muddy days especially when going for mourning in the village? Yes! that one would have been better, or on the pajamas that Mercy, your ex-girlfriend, left that night when she flew to the states.The damn states where six months of skyping and e-mailing ended with her saying ‘I do’ on the alter to that smoking Johnny-and thats why you don’t drink Johnny walker, he walked away with the love of your life.And yes, those damn mercyless pajamas! that you just never find enough courage to dump or burn them or give away, they are just the damn damned pajamas!!Her slender body appears curved for them, for just them and the promices she never kept. Sometimes you see her walking down the isle wearing them.But they are the only reminder that she was once yours, and this is the only reason they still hung there. The spider just could not see them,because spiders only see suits!and lay eggs on them.

With no time to waste, you wipe out that filthy white web that represents the future for the spiders and you don’t care with a capital C!(anyway spiders are not the endangered spices,onthe contrary,they are part of the dangerous spices and your suit is a good proof). The once white webbed part now looks fine and nearly as black as the rest of the suite, this you convince yourself as you finalise grooming yourself to kill. Checking your time on the phone reveals that one, your battery is running so low .two, you have two unaswered text messages. The freaking phone needs to be on the charger for atleast some ten more minutes,you need to be in the bus like 30 minutes ago! You feel pissed off and mad and just at this time you feel like pissing. Piss cannot come when i am so pissed off! you are pissed at piss!but you piss anyway as your phone gets charged.

The morning can never be so disorganised for you. To worsen things, its on monday and your presentation may aswell be rejected due to this.Your emotional feeling is dancing around the thought that maybe dreams always have away of eluding you.You feel like you are chasing wind and maybe this is not the right way to start such an important day, and yes! you are right.Looking at the texts your phone, you ralize that the meeting stood adjourned and that your presentation was to be tendered through an E-mail. Though E-mails remind you of her,Mercy and her pajamas, you feel relief.Atleast this one will be through the web and not personal with a previously webbed suit. Your monday awakes as your week awaits! The sky seems limitless and merciful, a smile curves for the first time on your frowny face, revealing just how you need a toothbrush!



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