Deadly hangover!

You sit in your bed, your head leaned on one corner. You have been taking cold water and alot of it,trying to soften this heat and ease some of this pain.But this is taking ages to work. You are not even sure it will.The hangover is killing all the sweet moments you ever had, this you swear!But how did you get here? You wonder. Where and when did Mike go(mike is a friend you went to the rave with) did he get lucky to make it home? like you did.Cool. You have so many questions but you can not solve them if this head of yours doesn’t stop biting you,the hell to your a**!The only thing you know is that ‘the roof is on fire!somebody help me extinguish it! This is too much for a rave.But rave, you did! you killed it in all its four corners! Bingo! you should be proud and smily, but this hangover is all that remains to tell of a tale that hotly unfolded, a night so well lived, and a party outcold knocked!

You started at around 1900 with a friend(name withheld for security reasons.Ha! its about to get bloody hot! viewer disgretion is adviced! i reveal the name now). So Marco and you started together hours after everybody else was already in another world( Another world is euphimism for drunk and high). You learnt this because by the time you got to Prinzenstrasse, many people were already coming from the epic center-Kottbusertor.The ‘mother of all Raves’ had started many hours ago. But luck had it that you were not the onlyones heading there,also the organisers of this monumental event must have saved the best for last.Or so you thought.Cool.With the cover of darkness sneaking in at around 2030, the dance can never get any hotter.Prost! to this and many other drinks!

Marco is the kind of guy you drag, if you have to, to such kind of events. He is social, funny,italian and crazy brave. He starts conversation with anyone, about anything and anywhere-just name the place and he nails it.Tonight you will be playing the support cast, the boy who jumps in to keep the conversation going,and girls love it. when a hardcore team is on the block,all boys be advised, Run! Run and turk your soft tails between your legs! the team is on the block! thats how your party started and crazy as ever you rolled, roared and ruled the jungle! The drums were your first stop somewhere in Goritzerpark, it was full and packed. With hardly anywhere to make sensible moves. what a bad start to the rumble in the jungle?chill and sip in some shots!Also dance a little,like a warm up. Later the crowd would slowly melt after the end of the drums was announced(by the way on any other day the drums are your favourite,well not this day, its may the first!the mother of all raves!Period).’Where to?’ was the question on air. But no worries, there were so many places to be, each and anyother corner was playing something.Choice was about quality, nothing less!

The hip hop dance happened near the pool, that was last year and so you recall. ‘Lets get there..’ you advice Marco. Looking around he is not standing besides you.’What the heck..?’ your mind snaps as you look around only to find him having a funny chat with some blondes.’Over here!!’ he shouts smiling.Wow! this guy is unbelievable.Ha! you jump on it like a stolen bicycle. After moments of a cool conversation and escorting the hotties out of the park, change of plan happens when you remember Mike.What about mike?He said he was here, you want to look for him now, you have been in alot of crazy situations together and you want him to share the fun with you this night. So Tschüss! the blondes on their way, you and Marco back at it. Mike is sitted in the most obvious places, lost in his own world but fine. This you later find out.

Mike makes the proposal to walk around and have some fun, an idea you and Marco support.Afterall this is what you have been doing.Good! The cover of darkness is 100% and the hotties are getting desperate, they want to have fun!Thats whats girls want anyway-those are Marcos words and not yours.So,will the real fun doctors please stand up?Yeah! this is you they are talking about.Cool.The park is your house, as packed as it is, as hot as it is, as noisy as it is and as crazy as it’s about to get.

The beers, the mexicano drink you only saw yesterday, the crazy hot dance with those two young cuties whose names you can’t remember, the awesome mingling wich like an adventure unfolded to limitless stardads and the in and out of club hops that you did can only explain half the tale.Where you lost Mike,don’t even ask. About the cuties and the more than many other hotties you hobnobbed with, no comment! this is perhaps why the intense pain in your head is so deadly.You have no pain killers, and even if you had, it would be drug abuse to use them to subside a pain caused by a crazy rave.A deadly crazy may first rave!Somebody needs some ice cold beer.Cheerz!




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