The distance between, my mind and my hand

I wish to talk about this filthy painful distance,

the one that forever stands between what my mind thinks

and seperates it form what my hand eventually holds.

It is characterised by this lavition tha is my dreams,

the dreams i never held time after time.

And so i ask softly, are my dreams not valid?

are my desires in this life forever doomed?

am i to ever touch any of this imaginations that i always work on?

where is the fruit of my labour?

shall i never taste it?

is this a test?

this distance that forever stands between my thoughts and real life,

between what i plan and what i get.

And so all i get is this unending puzzle, the distance between my mind and my hand.


I ask softl for all who stand here to understand, you may think i am crazy and out of my mind.

by the way why not? if out of my mind is a possibility, then let it be.

Why must life be so unfair to me, just to me? from the past to date.

But why must i be so doomed? can’t i atleast touch my dreams? i ask again.

But why must i be made to watch as others hold their dear dreams,

as they celebrate i wish them well, i think only, why can’t i be wished well one day?

And how possible is it for them that the distance seems so narrow, so easy to cross over?

and so they smile ‘we did it!’ they scream, i lament in the knowladge that i am not part of ‘we’

i am I, who never saw the way to bridge the distance between imagination and reality.

Between castles in thin air and an achievable reality.

The distance between my mind and hand, forever baffles me in a reality check that kills!


Where did this omen catch up with me?

is it fate? is it karma? is it a prophesy? or is it just bad luck?

which one is it? i mean i listenend to them all, but none seems to work.

First i listenend to my mama who said, ‘hurry hurry has no blessings’-well this is late now.

secondly it was my teacher who said if i could work hard i could make it as a hardwork reward

My papa cautioned me to think smart even if i followed their words

As my pastor insisted that if i could have it in my mind, i could hold it in my hand.

now who among them was right? sounds like all but life seems to disagree.

The world has shown me and said it loudly and repeatedly that the distance between my mind

and my hand,is not easy to cover. i say ‘i am still on the way’, life says ‘to where?’

my answear…’i don’t know! but the distance between my mind and hand, i may have to cover!’



2 thoughts on “The distance between, my mind and my hand

  1. Good stuff.I can read it over and over until i get an answer for this question but in vain.but one thing I am reminded is life isn’t gonna b easy.and to” travel to your mind,workout harder”

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