A Brother, not a bother!!

He got you fired and thats why on this and other labour days you curse the day your mother gave birth to him, that labour-day! You saw the world hours after him, and so they said you looked like him. Not that he didn’t look like you, but he came here first and so the comparison is never with what new is but what was there before, this makes you a copy.A three hour late copy.You are identicle in looks but heaven and earth can never be far apart in character and behaviour. He is rude and cruel, you know it, self centered and cynical-you always complain about it but he is your brother, your twin brother. You love him so much deep in your heart and you hate that you love him, but still can’t help it.

As you were kids, everyone admired you guyz.They said you played together, ate together, went to school together and wore the same.Little did they know how you hated the fact that you wore the same, he was careless and would normally wear off his clothes so fast, you were careful and took good care of yours.Your greatest anger came when his torn clothes were unwearable anymore, he would switch to yours without asking and play wild games while on them. The would soon follow sute in the worn out line but nobody seemed to understand that it was all his fault and not yours.They would all ask ” why did you allow him to wear them” like you did! so ignorant they all were. His books were always unkempt and he never finished his homework though he would later copy yours, but he was good with maths and you needed him! but he needed you in literally anything else.

In your teeenage he was outgoing, loved and knew how to dance, had a taste for good music as you bursted your butt studying. He got bad debts some of which you had to pay to avoid the confusion and probable bashing from those knife curring hooligans he owed. How he did it, you leave it to God! Girls liked him, this you silently admired about him, but it was the way he treated them that bothered you. he made it clear that church love was non of his preferrence and you realise that he was shutting you off the topic.its non of your business! You needed a hook up at time and indeed he delivered but under so selfcentered conditions,this boy never does free favours.You feel so mad as you assemble a list of all bad things that he ever did to you, well not so bad but not to be done to a brother.you are mad at yourself for not having done equally nasty stuff to him but this is not who you are.He knows this and he is exploiting it to kock you down. You feel bothered, you even wonder whether he is your brother or just a bother in your life.

But when the news of that accident stream in,  your mothers call and you realise that she is so shacky and in a sob.She can’t bring herself to her real senses but she manages to convey the message, you run out heading to the emergency section of the hospital. Your brother’s blood type is so rare and yet again you need to bother yourself with him, but as you sit there in shock your pine of blood dripping life in to him, you realise that you missed his loss by a whisker and yes you dont see the bother anymore. You wait for him by his bed. You miss him, you miss all the ugly things he ever pulled on you, you miss kicking him when he was healthy but not now when he is merely holding on to dear life. A smile is bulding in your face as you think of all the badass stuff he ever pulled and their consequences, you admit to yourself,he means the world to you and this doesn’t bother you anymore!he is your brother and not a bother!



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