She’s just not interested….

You met her on first years eve outside this Regae club, where almost everyone was offering her weed to start a conversation.Which she turned down every minute that followed.But you, you did not offer her weed, you were smarter than those high geniuses who cracked the same card.She looked so hot for the place, you noticed this and infact that was your pick up line, which she responded with a smile that welcomed you to these coveted trophies yard!

After chatting out there about the smallest of the smiliest stuff around the world and around nothing more than space-or so it felt, i mean your heart must have from there and your mind imagined all heavenily things that makes a lady want to loosen her guard, and booom you got it. Other guys couldn’t but just like that, you got it! What ensued after was a great dance, wild, slow, salsa, tourchy,sweaty untill you got to the i don’t know what move, damn! she was good, and you enjoyed it.She wispered how good you were, and you loved it.Pulling your last joles of energy, you killed the floor as the world welcomed quite a new fresh year.

The dance was not the only great thing you shared that night, for minutes after 02:00 you were walking around the city, screaming, as you run wildly, buying expensive hot wines all around, hoping in and out of buses without ticket and letting the world know how wild kissing could sometimes get, especially on newyears eve with a first date,oooopse! my bad not a first date but a pick up date. But you had been together the whole night so it felt like you knew her since ages before christ!You were invincible and so was she, you did not get tired, you just had a point to prove to the world, she seemed so aswell.This common ground is what landed you into her apartment later that night as you thought. But truth. It was in the wee hours of the morning. Fun or running wild must have blinded your sense of time.But who cared?it was a brilliant night, the best way to welcome a new year!

Today, you reflect on the activities that went down that night, you want to have another chance to live the moments again and thats why you called her.She is not available on this day that you so politely and openly proposed just like she wasn’t two months ago and just like she isn’t going to be a month from now. you remember that she said she will work even on Labour day, and now your mind runs tense with every wild thought. Maybe she did not enjoy the moments as i thought, you tell yourself as you smell the little jacket she gave you on the 2nd of january as you left in that cold morning. You imagine the look she gave you as her half monalisa smile curved as she wished you a good day. You know you are wrong to think that she did not enjoy the moments,sure as hell she did! and you know it. Why change of heart ever since? You wonder.

But deep down your heart, a silent voice is getting louder. You tense, you fear. you lament and you don’t want to believe it. not even for a minute.  As days go by and proposals get blown in thin air, sometimes without a second thought. The voice starts getting clearer, its almost crystal clear now, your blue sky is at noon and your heart speeds up in the thought of this, and you now know it. You admit it to yourself . She’s just not interested anymore. You hisss a long silent shit as your heart pounds heavily, you take a deep breath, your eyes fixed on a single spot but you don’t see it.This stance calls for a drink and so you pour yourself a glass of wine. Four months down the line and you couldn’t bring yourself to admit to such a reality. The reality!You are mad, mostly at your lack of clarity or your stupidity or both of them. You bite your lower lip and just then a thought creeps up, Tomorrow is friday, the perfect day to start again, you nod as your second glass of wine sits on your wraps waiting for you to finish strategizing and take a sip.this better work now or else the ‘she world’ will never be interested!


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