Why i don’t walk along now!

The shame of walking along as long as you curry ’em,

not that i don’t want ’em, but not walk along  with you and ’em.

See i know that without ’em is without  a future,

the future we saw, that which we deservingly wish, and ’em be the symbol.

Mama shall ’em call you but then i will like ’em, actually love ’em.

the reason why, i don’t walk along now!


But why?i dare ask myself every night and everyday.

This question say buffles me and so confusing.its complex!

Just the other night, so proud i felt just to walk along.

But no! now it’s different, i can’t see people eye to eye now

now is different when i walk the street with you my love!

aaaah! i say sorry baby girl, i say sorry mama

but girl, now is different! now is differnt oooh baby!

I like it more if you stay home, stay away from them

the people looking at me with their eyes! stay away Beee..

so that they stop thinking how we did it!

so that in their mind they cannot ask how many we did!

so that they cannot wonder when we did?

so that they cannot ponder upon who suggested?

so baby the reason,the shame i feel in my eyes every time i meet them,

every time i walk along the street and then you by my side!

No! i don’t want, walk along!


The results shall call for merry, shall call for cerebration and all invited.

all can come, all can look, all can ask questions,

but today is not the day to merry walking along streets.

today is not the day for public invitation

today our secreat is so shiny to raise sensitive questions

today aaaah! no child they see, they ask us how?

they ask ’em when and where, even in their silence

even in their smiles,i smell it what they think!

so baby today i walk alone,not along till baby see this world!

You know now, why i don’t walk along


Yes! we did together, but secreat now!

This question’s not for papa, mama no problem at all.

Mama no need for fear, mama they only say congratulations

and smile, and ask when dew?

For papa? when? why her? how?Boy mean strong why girl? aaaah! too much

I don’t walk along! because of fear. the countless questions!

Because they see me and sin walking hand in hand.

Because i am confused and feel so small in their midst.

Because after the ninth month i will see through them eye ball to eye ball!

Because the questions shall sieze to be so naughty and be jovial-about baby!

so now my love, thats why i don’t walk along now.



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