Stroke of the cane. to punish, to educate..or hogwash??

Shark was the professional at getting caned, i wasn’t neither was my little siz shikks and my bro Nel. You see unlike shark, i was a skinny not so strong polite boy-this can make you a punching bag for bullies, so maybe not so polite but not so strong at all. Like my big brother(Shark) Victor,a class mate, was also among them-professionaly at getting caned or punished. Unlike many of us who would tremble at the sight of a teacher holding a cane, he was ever unmoved, he seemed to enjoy it and to like welcome it-just bring it was the attitude he potrayed or how many can you sweat out girl..was his rude expression after being caned by female teachers. wow what a guy, what a nerve. he even led me to believe that pain is not felt the same, or perhaps there are bodies that are bad conductors of pain, so completely resistant to it or ignorant. Mine must have been the complete oppossite, a super-good condotor, non resistant and so freaking aware of pain!!
Njoroge G(G for george but we interpreted it to mean Giant! he was as tall as a proverbial german or american or what was once a buffalo soldier only that his bush fight was with primary school kids) our Science and Angriculture teacher(forgive me for omiting Mr.,which i did intentionally) was in great scale the most feared and revoured teacher of my primary school years. The trail of pain left by the stroke of his cane forever burn my butts, my hands and my back, mine and those of the countless kids who learnt under him. In his class a B was a highway to battle field buttocks, where he would rain strokes for every silly question that you got wrong, now considering that there were those with less than a B, your guess is all mine. By the way i hope he reads stuff online, or maybe somebody should serve him with a copy of this, he and all the other pals of his who were and still are fond of caning to educate and punish.Whoever serves them can send me the invoice, i will gladly settle it.
1. To educate. There was a rampant believe that became culture before and in my entire school time which as dictated and supported by the bibilical quote, spare the rod spoil the child, was followed beyond the context. I thought it spoke about displine but my pre-educators interpreted it to mean either to educate or to force results the shit out of you. To them the two stood in the same platform, do not spare the rod if you need certain results and again do not spare the rod if you want to make them learn, by the way i was one part of the ‘them’. Them meant those to be educated and moulded to be the leaders of tomorrow or in short those to be caned to bring the shitty genious of running the country tomorrow out of their grey matter.As long as this way of life convincing was, so was the freedom to allow such a practise extended and so stroked the cane!Under-performance in any subject was taken to mean uneducatable and therefore prone to caning, and this was never enough!
2.To punish and scare. Ever herad of colour coding? well, not the one you know-let me introduce you to another one. There was this colour coding culture where teachers would wear certain colors to send signals on what was to define their mood and conduct on the day. Red meant danger, Blue meant moderate and more exercise, green meant going out for field work while white meant forgiveness-not tourching the cane Mr.Tom’s favourite, by the way somebody give him a beer on my bill) and brown was P.E(physical education,.wow! If you had double science lessons on a thirsday and then the teacher turns out wearing red, you are in for a strocking of the week! I talk of red not on the punishment account but on how it was used to scare pupils, i mean why on earth did they need to make it so obvious that today is a hell of a day even before the lesson starts? The problem would be if on a such a day you happen to be in any sort of trouble that was directly or indirectly to involve a such colour dressed teacher, the biblical caning that you would never forget would serve as evidence of never to rattle anything red not even marmelade jam!
When i visit these place again(my old school), after the handshakes and the cheap talks on life and the way it turned up okay-which is hogwash,I will ask just how better the cane was suppossed to make me and wheather, unlike me who believes it never worked, it really worked on and for anybody.And if those who it’s deemed to have worked for implement it on their youngones..And if this tomorrow that we were always told about leading will ever dawn and why the nightfall seems longer for my generation than for previous ones and if the cane could fasttrack it so that it arrives before the pain in my ass fades away…and so many if’S..the greatest one that i will not ask will be if its okay for me to cane the former red dressed children like their parents did to me just in case i get to teach..
so many questions but the only lead me to ask, is pain felt the same, is displine a personal practice or must it be forced into one and is education suppossed to be drummed into one and memory strocked out or should interest and abilities be cultivated to enhance whats already a personal passion. or and not least, is this all hogwash??


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