Twenty eight and O!!!

  • Twenty eight years yet still no candles, no cakes and no birthday presents!  Yes i know, not the coolest. But this record, i embrace gracefully and with equal humility. Its because of you guys that i hold it, wow. how could i have held it without you?Why did i remember and yet today is not my day? well today is the day for two of my friends, friends i haven’t seen for quite some time-Milka and Frank. Friends who unlike me, cannot boast of a record without attention like i dearly hold, by the way i wish you the happiest of birthdays, may you squeeze the juice out of this days happiest hour!! so maisha marefu to you and the many sharing the same around the world.
  • Strange! yeah??how on earth? i mean its 21st century?But i know that and this is why its sweet! The only blemish i have in my otherwise clean sheet is a wish i got verbally 2years ago. You got me there Lulla and Hilda, i was in a dance hall when i got the call, i quickly rushed to the loo to escape the noice but i could not understand why they were wishing me all this seemingly pumpered luxilies. I mean why now? we ended up not understanding each other and the next time they saw me was two or three days after so it was already too late for anything( thats how i escaped without breaking the present, candle and cake record).
  • Facebook broke the last years wishes list though 99.9% of them were inboxed and 70% were hbds..note the small letters even for short.hehehe! Most of the buddies who we grew up together already broke it in their teenage or early twenties. Either by a first time girlfriend forcing them, or when we surpriced them with a surprice party or when they decided that they have enough chums(money) to throw a party for buddies. I fell in the non of above list. But i have always wondered where this Birthday party\wish comes from? I mean back in Jamhuri(Kenya) people would pay loads and loads of money to appear shortly on Tv-subcommercials(i surely don’t know what to call it) only to wish their loved ones the world infront of the whole world around.These amazes me to date, not that i hate or like it? i just don’t understand it or how it feels, by the way i wish people the best even in any other day but i am specially compelled to do so more on this day eventhough this day`s mystery still buffles me. Ok. i know you will not give a rat’s ass why i am even thinking about it. Many of the few who will read it will just think, get a freaking job boy!-like i don’t already have or like all we should do in life is jobs?or whatever makes life serious is a job? about what i like, what i passionately do even without waiting for a cheque?
  • So much for this phenomenal that strikes me as one of those habbits we just found ourselves in without choice or knowladge and perhaps thats why we don’t acknowladge that perhaps the backer conspired with the chocolate guy and the candle man to defraud our pockets out of rather chums that would never have been diverted to certain comodities. I feel so free and happy and still curious, eventhough i was always warned that this same curiosity killed the cat. Atleast the cat died curious and perhaps that’s how she found herself in the house as the less curious dog, who actually survived only to die at old age, was left sleeping outside as a gate keeper to the insecure Jamhuri neighbourhoods. He is the first and last line of defence, i think curiocity would have saved him the scary dark cold nights! Twenty eight and O and still in the race!

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