The social aggression of cowardice

  • Today being friday reminds me of all the good things i hoped to accomplish this week, especially the ones i never did.One thing stands tall on this list though, why on earth have i not shamed this bar, this crippy place where i was disallowed entrace with my friend mike and george for strangest reason of all reasons i ever heard around here. ” We have enough black people here!!” said the security guy to mike who was leading as we made way to the counter in the crowded place. So as i promised you Partrie, today is the day when i walk back there with a camera to record the crippy stuff happening there-or so i would if i was a little more aggressive.
  • you have to understand the genesis of this untapped aggression, there was these day in my childhood when we had slaughtered a goat at home, the nyama choma was delicious. I went out holding a huge chunk of roast meat admiring the aroma as i salivated at the thought of having yet another bite, as i etended my hand to have a bite,my lips were already in contact with the chunk and my tounge could taste it even though i was yet to take a bite but in the nic of time buuuuuufff! a shitty hwark snatched it from me so fast, i was so buffled that it took some time to understand what had transpired. Looking around a rib-cracking laughterby my cousines and siblings surrounded me, and i would learn that i was the joke they were laughing at. i would soon feel the pircing pain left in the trail, my hands and my lower lip had been torn apart by the scratch of the razor-sharp claws. To date i hate that hwark-i understand they live to like a hundread years, so i will have my revange one day, in this life or the next. so aggression is what i feel when i remember that day, and cowardice has me promicing to look at it in a future that will never be.
  • Unlike my two cases of boldness that never was, most of the younger generation have a very bold way to settle scores-internet. Infact this has risen to alarming levels, its not only the insults that are hurled online but also these awkward behaviour that has consumed the world like bush fire. It is in many cities and towns, actually my friend Leo from the bushlands of ndiyah tells me that even  in his home town-well village this trend is also there. It makes me feel so ignored or boring when i meet with a friend and as we chat, serious or just fun, they are busy on their phones chatting with people who are miles and miles away. Whatever happened to social life. I will redress this topic ones i speak out against it to the conserned fellows face to face, this is me embracing escapism but i swear to God, i haven’t at anytime in my life embraced this social distancing of those near you as you chat with those far from you using little wordets like fyn, nkt and ok. i am out with this camera i had promiced to carry. have a great social friday!!

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