my smoked job offer

Its wednesday afternoon and Omar- a Chadian aquintance who i had trained for a job sometimes back, calls me. Wooow, to my surprice hehas a parttime job offer, it fits on my schedule.Pefect!We agree to meet later to discuss more in person. Time and place is the question. i recall i have no ticket so i let him choose the time i would take care of the place, it has to be near my flat. So i propose Gleisdreieck, a park located five minutes from where i live and he proposes 1700, the deal is sealed! come dusk, i am already in the park with my Becks sixpark,my end of the burgain is on its track. but Omar is nowhere to be seen, so after pacing here and there i open a beer and sit on a bench. Its 1730 now and still my buddy hasn’t shown up. shit! I start to curse myself for not having bought an airtime that would call his O2 line, i should have though about it before trecking here, and now its too late because maybe i would go to search for airtime then he arrives and thinks i was late. So i stay there in a stoneage stance awaiting his call, to my relief he calls me six minutes later-it felt like eternity though. ” yellow, mejja where are you!” he angrily asks.Huh? he is the one who got late. damn he has a nerve! ” i am at the park as we agreed i have bee..” i try to explain but sharply he hops in,cuting me short”i am here since five as we agreed. meja you must learn to keep time” he lectures”i can not work like that,this is not africa”he continues and actually at this point i can not take it anymore.”Okay just tell me where you stand Omar, i will come to you its easy we are here now lets meet!” i shut him, in my head i was like. You the heck Opa!not in africa my foot!..after giving me locations not in this park,  i decide to change the location of our meeting to the nearest train station and so we agree to meet at Gleisdreieck trainstation on the U2 platform. Its already 1805 and Omar hasn’t arrived damn! it would have taken him atmost 15 minutes to walk from any end of the park to the station, and nobody can claim to get lost on the way, the station runs above the park so all can see it, well not Omar.”Next time you tell me to meet be at the place not take me around circles. you tell me i meet you Gleispark but you are not there…” he yells in a call he makes at around 1807. Gleispark? is there a place whith such a name? i wondered. …”and now we dey no meet today no job for you!” his phone died. come to think of it there is a park in the neighbourhood, but its Kleistpark…huh? in chad K sounds like G .But how was i to know, well ask Omar my westernised aquintance whose ‘G’s are’ k’s and in whose life  ‘T ‘endings dont exist.But he keeps time and calls after 30min to start his lecture on Africanism. This i learnt, the cost, a job i never had. its funny how different tongues prononounce words, Christian was told me ‘veve’-he was learning swahili and so i thought he was talking about Miraa(Khat) but after he wrote it down, it was Wewe..heheh he is german and W sounds like a V  heheeh but he shut me up after by giving me words with R..well their R is so difficult that i have given up on ever getting it right. As i write this, today Omar called me, he just learnt that indeed there was another park by the name i had given him, he was apologetic but without the job offer.its already smoked and gone in thin air just like it came.


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